April Showers and Outstanding Student Accomplishments – Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission of The Vermont Standard

April Showers (frogs)4/19/15

I hope that everyone was able to get out and enjoy the wonderful weather on Sunday, since it is predicted that the first part of the week will be rainy. April showers, including sleet!

News this week runs the age gamut.  Congratulations to Cindy Summer on becoming a first-time grandmother with the birth of Kirsten Eva Dittrich, born on 4/15 to her son Sean and daughter-in-law Nicole.  Cindy says that Skype is wonderful, but she can’t wait to go out to Seattle to hold her!

Well done to Anna Hepler who made the 8th grade Principal’s list, and to Julia Kowalksi for making High Honors.  I am sure there is more news regarding our young people. We all love to hear about their activities and achievements, so be sure to send me the information.

On a heavier note, sympathy is extended to the family of Ellen Simmonds, who passed away on Saturday morning at Springfield Hospital.

Green-Up is fast approaching on 5/2.  Julie DuPont and Bobbi Lynds are spearheading the effort and tell me that volunteers can pick up bags and discuss their destinations at 8:00 AM that morning at the Fire Station.  Folks are encouraged to bring safety vests if possible to help keep everyone safe while walking the roads, although there will be a few available to borrow.  Those special green bags should be accessible at recycling this Saturday.  ABLE will continue to take bags for a few weeks afterward, for those who cannot participate on the actual day.

We had quite a feast for our April birthday celebration at Tyson Church on Sunday following our Worship Service.  In light of the number of children who attended church on Easter, we have decided to dedicate one Sunday each month as Children’s Sunday and gear activities to them.  Our 1st such service will be on Mother’s Day, 5/10, when we will help them to honor their moms.  The service will at our usual time – 10:30 AM.

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Plymouth’s 2nd Town-Wide “Antiques & Treasures” Indoor Sale

Antiques and Treasures post imageMemorial Day Weekend, 2015

All Plymouth residents are invited to participate as vendors in our 3-Day Memorial Day Weekend indoor antiques and treasures tag sale to be held at the Plymouth Schoolhouse Activity Center on May 23 – 25, 2015.

To put items up for sale, here’s what you need to do:

1. Securely attach a tag to every item. Each tag must have both (a) your initials, and (b) the price. (We cannot negotiate a price on your behalf, however you can change prices on your unsold items at anytime during the sale.) Please use 3 initials on your tags, to avoid possible duplication!

Note: We strongly suggest that you use actual tags – ideally, the kind with little strings – and attach them securely with safety pins or by tying the string to your item. Last fall we learned that adhesive labels, tape, and safety pin-secured tags tend to fall off. If your tag falls off, or we cannot read what it says, we will not be able to sell the item.

2. Deliver your antiques and treasures to the Plymouth Schoolhouse Activity Center on the following days and times:

Saturday, May 16, 9 am – noon

Sunday, May 17, 1 – 4 pm

Tuesday, May 19, 5 – 8 pm

Thursday, May 21, 9 am – noon

We will have racks for hanging items, and tables for display. You can also provide your own display, if you wish. And, in general, if you have a table to loan us, it will be a big help.

You are responsible for displaying your items. Table, rack, and floor space is available on a first-come, first-served basis. However, your items do not have to be segregated from other people’s items because the tags identify what belongs to you no matter where they are displayed.

3. While delivering your items, sign up for a 3-hr shift to help staff the event. The Sale will be open from 9 am – 6 pm on all 3 days (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday) May 23 – 25. We need at least 2 volunteers each day for each of the following 3-hour shifts:

9 am – Noon               Noon – 3 pm               3 pm – 6 pm

4. Please plan to pick up what does not sell on the following dates and times. (If you cannot make one of these times, please don’t wait to the last minute to arrange another time with me.)

Tuesday, May 26, 9 am – Noon

Thursday, May 28, 3 – 6 pm

Saturday, May 30, 9 am – Noon

Anything unclaimed will be offered to Bridgewater Sustainable Earth Foundation the week of June 1. Anything they do not want will be disposed of through the Plymouth Transfer Station on June 6th.

5. Cost: There will be a small fee to participate as a vendor. The fee is to offset the cost of printing flyers and making sandwich boards to advertise the event. The fee is $5, and will be subtracted from your total sales. (So, if you don’t sell anything, you won’t pay anything. And if you sell less than $5, you will only pay the amount you sold. Everything over the first $5 will go to you.)

6. Participants are partners in advertising the event. We will have a downloadable PDF of the event’s advertisement flyer available on May 1. You can use it to print your own flyers, if you wish. We will also provide printed flyers at Plymouth Town Hall starting on Monday, May 4. Please spread them around!

Questions? Contact Terry Bascom, Activity Coordinator: terry.bascom@yahoo.com, or 672.5390

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Spring, Birthdays, Community Luncheon, and Summer Camp Registrations! — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission of The Vermont Standard.


Wow, who could ask for a better day than Sunday – blue sky, sunshine, and temps in Tyson almost reaching 60!  Still a bit of a wind, but hopefully it will dry things out.  We are continuing to schlep up our driveway and I understand that we are not alone in trying to preserve the integrity of our driveway until the frost moves up and out.  Well, at least it finally beginning to seem like spring!

I listed several April birthdays last time and I have just learned about another – Andrew Brisson on the 21st.  Since we have 4 such celebrations in our congregation this month, we are planning to have a potluck lunch after church this coming Sunday in order to celebrate.  Of course, any and everyone is welcome to join us.

Rebecca Geary, Executive Director at Farm and Wilderness will be our guest speaker at the Reach Out Luncheon on Thurs, 4/16 at 11:00 AM in the downstairs Community Room at Tyson Church.  Park in the Echo Lake Inn parking lot and join us for beef stew, salad, and dessert, plus time to chat with old friends and meet new ones!

I have just learned that Bethany Birches Camp Summer Registration is open for ages 8-18 with sessions running from 6/21 – 8/7.   It is an exciting place to meet new friends while enjoying many outdoor activities in a faith building atmosphere.  Glee Club, rock climbing, tubing, and flying a RC Helicopter are special activities in the 8/2-6 Push Your Limits Weeks.  Check out details on all sessions at http://www.bethanybirches.org/summer-camps/
Remember that tiered pricing and scholarships are available.

Folks in the community have been asking for ways to assist Sarah Kaminski and little Hunter.  A website for contributions has been set up by one of Sarah’s co-workers.  You may donate at http://www.gofundme.com/pwpxeo.

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Holy Week Happenings – Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard.

(My sincere apologies in posting this  report so late in the week. My own schedule has been excessive. –Terry Bascom, occasionally efficient substitute editor.


Tom and I traveled to Windsor last Saturday evening to pick up his mom.  Guess what – not much snow over there!  We definitely are in a snow zone here in Plymouth.  This year has been predicted to be a particularly nasty mud season, but a walk Sunday afternoon along the dirt road by Farm and Wilderness proved to be fairly dry.  Still waiting for the snow to leave our driveway, so we can determine how long we will need to park at the bottom and walk up….

Heartfelt sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Michael Bagley Jr, who was killed on 3/22 in a tragic snowmobile accident in Coolidge State Park.  His picture in the paper last week with his son, Hunter, born 3/11/15 was taken the day before the incident.  Please keep Sarah Kaminski and her other son, Nick in your prayers.

Jarvi & Friends Luncheon

Jarvi & Friends Luncheon

Joan Day & Bill Jarvi

Joan Day & Bill Jarvi

Joan Day planned a wonderful luncheon the other day for Bill Jarvi and invited some neighbors and friends to join the party.  She prepared a number of his favorite dishes.  It was a delightful time!

We had a very interesting Book Club meeting last Thurs to discuss What Came After with author Jon Clinch.  It is always fun to ask questions and to learn how the plot was conceived and developed.   Our next book is Still Alice with our meeting planned for 5/7.

I suspect that many members of Tyson Ladies Aid have been doing some baking lately in anticipation of the Good Friday Bake Sale at the Shaws shopping center in Ludlow starting at 9:00 AM on 4/3.  Pies, cakes, and all manner of goodies will be on sale.  Funds that are raised help with meeting community needs, including scholarships for graduating seniors at both Black River High School and Woodstock Union High School.  Come out and support this effort and return home with some luscious treats, but get there early for a good selection.

Please consider joining us at Tyson Church for our Maundy Thursday supper at 5:30 PM and service at 6:30, where we will share in Holy Communion.  All are invited to our Easter Resurrection on Sunday, 4/5 at 10:30 AM.  It appears there will be several children in attendance and we look forward to sharing a special story with them.

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Palm Sunday Week Hints At Warmer Weather — Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard.

Tapped Maple Trees3/22/15

Cold, cold, cold – what else can be said for the beginning of spring this year!  That light dusting of snow on Sat night did whiten things up a bit.  My brother-in-law in Mohegan Lake, NY sent a picture of their 4 inches of snow and I understand that further south in VT a few inches fell.  Well, good for them – I am ready to be done with winter, although it doesn’t appear that winter is done with us yet!  Ice abounds!.

Condolences to the Brisson family on the passing of Aunt Millie, a most delightful and devout woman who recently moved to our area and attended our church until her health issues prevented her from doing so.  Also please note the passing of Kevin McDermott, whose children Crystal and Brian live in town. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Congratulations to Holli Olsen on being selected for the US Presidential Scholars Program.  Nice picture with Gov Shumlin, too.  I would love more news about our wonderful young people, so please send some my way.

Don’t forget the Reading Group on Thurs at 6:30 PM at the Schoolhouse Community Center, where we will be joined by local author Jon Clinch to discuss his book. What Came After.  Aren’t we fortunate to have such a talented bunch of people living in our town!

Looking forward to the annual Cabin Fever Dinner at Lucy MacKenzie Humane Society on Saturday, 3/28.  There may still be time to make a reservation by calling 484-LUCY.  The 9 year old cat we adopted from there last year is still tearing around our house like a kitten!

March is moving along quickly and this Sunday is Palm Sunday.  Consider joining us at 10:30 AM to wave palms and sing praise.  On a more sombre note, plan to attend our Maundy Thursday supper at 5:30 PM and service at 6:30 PM on 4/2.  All are welcome!

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Plymouth Reading Group to Meet March 26th

Just a reminder that the next Plymouth Reading Group discussion will occur on March 26th, 6:30 PM at the Community Center (school) in Plymouth. The selection this month is “What Came After,” by Jon Clinch. Clinch, a local author, has graciously offered to attend the discussion. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to engage the author in conversation and glean rare insights into the story and creation of the book. Come and meet the author, even if you haven’t read the book. All are welcome.

Questions: 802-672-3179

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Bridgewater Community Chorus and Potluck at Bridgewater Grange

Hi everyone,

Come and join us on Saturday, March 28th, for a Bridgewater Community Chorus concert and potluck at the Grange Hall.  The potluck will be at 5:30pm and the concert at 6:30pm.

We have a great-sounding chorus,  and a nice selection of music, including Bonzorno Madonna, a 16th century madrigal, Many Waters, written after the 2011 flood, and Wanting Memories by Sweet Honey in the Rock.

Would love to have you all there (AND, come sing with us next round)!


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