Spring Ahead This Week! –Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report

Printed with permission of The Vermont Standard.


It was wonderful to have so much sunshine this past week. I have actually been following it around myt house as it filtered through the windows, doing my exercises and journal-writing in its glow!

More snowshoeing on Sunday with Karen Evans and June Capron, although it was not the same kind of day as the previous Sunday. As long as we have all of this snow, it seems we should take advantage of it and find a way to enjoy this relentless winter!

In case folks have not heard, there will be a gathering on Sunday, 3/15 at the Echo Lake Inn to wish Laurence Jeffery well.  It will take place at 2:00 PM and everyone who wants to visit with Laurence is welcome to attend.  He has hosted countless special events for many of us, so this will be a time to let him know how much he is appreciated!

Sorry this is short and sweet this week – send me some news.  Don’t forget to set your clock ahead this coming Saturday!

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Town Meeting and Voting Take Place Next Week!

Town Meeting ImageIf you are a legal voter in Plymouth Town, don’t forget our Annual Town Meeting will take place next Monday, March 2, 2015. The Meeting starts at 7 p.m. at the Municipal Building. Matters that do not require voting by Australian Ballot will be voted upon at that meeting.

Voting on Town officers and any other matters to be voted on by Australian Ballot will take place the next day. The Municipal Building will be open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. for the purpose of receiving your vote.

Legal voters of Plymouth Town should have already received a copy of the Annual Report, which covers the July 1, 2013-June 30, 2014 fiscal year, along with a proposed budget for the fiscal year July 1, 2015-June 30, 2016.

If you have not received a copy of the Annual Report, you can stop by the Municipal Building during regular Town Clerk hours to pick up a copy.

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Thank You for the Colorful Hearts!


My name is Pat Schulz. I have a cabin on Lynds Hill Rd.  My husband, son, and I drove  into our driveway and we had a very pleasant surprise. One of our apple trees was covered with very heart warming colorful hearts.

I do not know who planted them on my apple trees or why, but I do want to thank whoever is responsible. They are very heart warming.  I do appreciate them. I have seen them in other yards, I did not know they were gifted. I never expected to find them on my apple trees.

A very pleasant surprise.

Thank you,
Pat Schulz

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Lenten Season Studies at Tyson Church Announced: Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report (2/23/15)

Reprinted with permission of The Vermont Standard.

After another 8 inches of snow on Sat night, wasn’t it a most delightful warm & sunny day on Sunday!  I hope that everyone was able to get outdoors to enjoy some kind of fun activity.   The snowshoe saga continues…..  Karen Evans, Linda Hastings, & I trekked up Patch Brook Rd, made easily travelable by snowmobiles that had passed that way earlier.  We will explore the other side of Plymouth next week.  Let me know if you would like to join us!

I learn that Bea Wheeler broke her leg last week.  John said It is anticipated that she will be at the Gill by the time this article comes out, where she will need extensive physical therapy.  Kathy Lynds visited her in Springfield Hospital & brought her flowers from Tyson Ladies Aid.

One of our most charming former Plymouth residents, Ellen Steward, passed away last week.  Her service was held at the Davis Chapel in Springfield this past Saturday.  Although she had attended Tyson Church for quite some time prior to going into assisted care, she & Orville had been members of the Holy Trinity Orthodox Church for many years, so Father Peter conducted the service.  Although we get to see grand-daugher, Rebecca & great-granddaughter Theresa sometimes, it was nice to visit with other grandchildren, Elizabeth, as well as William & his wife, Kelly.

Just a note that we will be considering these questions when I am preaching during Lent:

  • Is our way of living life-giving rather than life-draining?
  • Is our way of living one that will enhance the quality of life of each of us for as long as we live?

All are welcome to attend our 10:30 Sunday morning Worship at Tyson Church.

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Echo Lake Inn Has a New Owner — Margo Marrone’s Report

 Reprinted by permission of the Vermont Standard


Not a great deal of local news this week.  Karen & I went snowshoeing across the road from Camp Plymouth State Park to the Vista Trail, then followed along the brook, even crossing it at one point.  If you are looking for a lovely spot out of the wind, that’s the place to go!  A number of snow-covered trees are bent over the trail to form intriguing archways & you can see & hear water running in the stream in places.  Although alone on Sunday afternoon, the trail was well tamped down, evidence of many others passing that way over the weekend.

How about those Pats!  I spent the first half chatting with Cheryl Bishop while Tom & Wayne were downstairs watching on their huge screen TV.  After the half-time show, we were all glued to the set in our respective locations.  Yes, I do like football & even know a bit about the game – what an exhilarating finish!

Grandson, Landon, spent part of Saturday with us & I actually arranged a play date with Jan Staires & granddaughter, Rose.  Although not two yet & not really into multiparty play, they eyed each other & for the most part shared toys.  Fun to watch the socialization process!

There actually is one piece of news here in Tyson.  Laurence has sold the Echo Lake Inn to  Tom Gianola, who actually has roots in VT, although living in the state of Washington for the past 15 years.  Son Michael is at UVM, daughter Christin is pondering grad school, but will be here to lend a helping hand for the time-being.  Daughter Jessica remains in Washington.

Our dear friend, Laurence, who has been such a wonderful part of the community, will stay here until March to help with the transition.  We will miss him greatly & wish him well.  It seems like the staff will remain in place.  Tom says he is not planning any big changes.

A reminder from our !st Response Team.  Make sure that your 911 number is clearly visible so that you can be easily located.  It is best to use a land-line when making in a 911 call, not a cell phone.  Please be sure that renters have this information, too. 

So, I am watching the snow fall this Monday morning – at least 6 inches & it is only noon with the storm to continue throughout the day.  Well, it is winter in VT……

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Historical Society Receives Grant to Tell Irene Story

Where the Road Ends: Route 100 S of Plymouth Union

Where the Road Ends: Route 100 south of Plymouth Union after Tropical Storm Irene

The Plymouth Vermont Historical Society has received a grant from the Vermont Community Foundation to explore through visual media: How Catastrophe Reconnected a Town: The Story of Tropical Storm Irene in Plymouth, Vermont.

The Plymouth Vermont Historical Society recently received a $2500 grant from The Vermont Community Foundation’s Small and Inspiring grant program. The grant will help further the Historical Society’s mission to document and preserve historical events related to Plymouth, and to instill a sense of pride within the town through its connection with history.

“The degree of devastation in Plymouth as a result of Tropical Storm Irene was unexpected and heart wrenching,” admitted Tonkin, Secretary/Treasurer of the organization. “If we can produce a video that demonstrates how the response to tragedy can overcome the barriers of topography and demographics and honor and celebrate resiliency and commitment to others, our town will be more vibrant, better connected, and hopefully more civically engaged.”

Tonkin continued, “involving Plymouth students, local enterprises, resources from neighboring towns, and community volunteers in the project should awaken a deeper ‘sense of place’ in the town we call home.”

Through its Small and Inspiring grants program, tTe Vermont Community Foundation hopes to help foster the spark and hope that keeps Vermonters healthy and happy by finding and supporting projects in every town in Vermont where a small grant can make a big difference.

For more information about the grant and the scope of the project, please contact Betsy (672-3179).

If you have photographs or video that you took during the flood, immediately after the flood, showing the recovery in process, or showing areas of town after recovery was completed that you are willing to share, please contact Betsy or Terry Bascom (672-5390), who is copying and archiving images and video for the project.

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Winter Activities for Children Abound! Margo’s Plymouth Report


Tyson Center

Tyson Church Steeple peeks over Hubbard Hall, c. 1890.

Oh, my – what changeable weather these days. As I write this on Sunday, it has been a lovely day. Karen Evans, June Capron & I went snowshoeing & it was delightful. But we know that another winter storm is bearing down upon us & will likely have left a foot or more of snow by the time you are reading this column.

Although no Emergency Service personnel were called out, there was apparently an accident on Rte 100 near Hawk on Saturday involving 2 vehicles. The person who reported it to me said that all of the occupants were out of the cars & surveying the damage, so I don’t think there were serious injuries. Just another reminder to be careful….

Instead of ruminating about winter, it is time to enjoy it. There is plenty of activity (indoor & outdoor games, tubing, crafts & great food) at Bethany Birches Snow Camps. Lynx Camp is February 14-17 for grades 5 – 7. Polar Bear Camp will be February 20-22 for grades 7 – 9. Bobcat Camp takes place February 27-3/1 for grades 3 – 6. Go to http://www.bethanybirches.org/winter-camps for more information.

There will be an Open House at the Historic Site on 2/14 starting at 10:00 AM. Youngsters can enjoy activities downstairs at the Education Center. Rushad Thomas will be giving a talk about Coolidge & Cuba at 2:00 PM in the Great Room. Fun for everyone!

Some of you may know that long-time resident Angela Miccio has sold her home in Plymouth. I first met Angela after she started her B & B across from the school & when she volunteered with the fledgling Plymouth Press. At that time we actually used to paste it together by hand!

I want to welcome Michelle Coates-Girard, husband Donnie, 8th grader Hannah & 7th grader Owen who recently moved from Rutland into Angela’s former house. We look forward to getting to know them!


Hubbard Hall stood in the now-empty lot just uphill from Tyson Church, c. 1890.

By the way, 33 people attended the Reach Out Luncheon on 1/22 to hear Laurence Jeffery from the Echo Lake Inn talk about the history of the Inn & the surrounding neighborhood. He also brought interesting pictures & a poster about the dances that were held in Hubbards Hall, which stood in the now empty lot next to the church.. It seems that Tyson was a lively spot years ago! Also, Laurence very kindly donated the Tyson stove from the Inn to the Plymouth Historical Society.

We miss having Bill Jarvi in the neighborhood & in church, but daughter Lauren brought him to the luncheon & folks gathered around to greet him. In an attempt to truly make the Bible God’s living Word, we explored studying it through Lectio Divina in church on Sunday. We will continue our discussion of the book Sensible Shoes in the coming months.

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