Summertime! And the Livin’ is Good! — Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard.

Tyson Library

Tyson Library


Interesting weather lately – bright sunshine, sudden cloud bursts, starry nights!  At times it has played havoc with summer activities.  Last week at Camp Plymouth State Park two families I know were rained upon.  Melissa was there on Wednesday with Owen and Landon, as were Morgan Sailer-Carlisle with Harper and Colby when the skies opened up.  Of course the youngsters thought it was a great adventure!

Old Home Day this coming Saturday, 8/1 from 10:00 to 4:00, will provide activities for all age groups and hopefully the weather will cooperate.  Come enjoy wagon rides, a noon barbecue, old-time music, sheep shearing, craft demonstrations, and old-fashioned children’s games.  Paul Wood, agricultural historian will speak at 1:30 PM  and the reenactment of Calvin Coolidge’s “Homestead Inaugural” will take place at 2:47 PM.

I had mentioned previously that Bea Wheeler’s birthday is 7/30, but I wanted to be sure that folks know she is back home, in case you want to send a card.  Liza Ward still remains at the Gill Home.

Tyson Church is pleased that Melissa Maravell will be providing special music at our 8/9 Morning Worship service at 10:30.  We first met Melissa when she performed at the outdoor concerts at Hawk and her music is wonderful.  Everyone is invited to join us.

New book stacks at Tyson Library

Tyson Library bookstacks

Have you stopped in to Tyson Library lately?  It is open for the season with the following hours: 1st and 3rd Mondays 6-7 PM, Tuesday through Saturday 10-noon. This adorable little building just off Dublin Road may seem small from the outside, but it contains many books and is well worth a visit!  Don’t forget that passes are available there for many local attractions, too!

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Old Home Day at President Coolidge Historical Site — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard


Well, I am not exactly sure why, but for some reason I don’t really have much news this week!  Perhaps I have been wrapped up in my own endeavors and therefore have not been attentive to what is going on in town.

I do know that Tom and I received interrupted sleep last night – twice.  The Emergency Service tone went off about 10:30 PM for the Fire Dept to investigate an alarm at Hawk.  It wasn’t too long after Tom and the others arrived home that the call came in for a downed tree on Rte 100 that had taken wires with it.  It is wonderful that these folks volunteer to keep our community safe!

Thanks to Todd Menees for speaking at the Reach Out Luncheon.  Several folks related their “Irene” experiences.  The recurring theme was the way people helped each other.  The video project through the Historical Society (which received a small grant in order to produce it) is well underway with more footage than can be used in light of the limited funds, so editing will be needed.  If you wish to participate, however, call 802-438-8351 to make arrangements.

It has come to my attention that Meals on Wheels is unable to deliver in Plymouth because there are no volunteers.  In speaking with Anila Hood at Senior Solutions, she indicated that she would gladly come to Plymouth to interview those who might like to provide this service one or more days per week.  It entails picking up meals at Black River Senior Center in Ludlow at 11:00 AM and delivering them in Plymouth.  You can reach her at 802-885-2679. If you are in need of meals, you can call the Senior Help Line at 866-673-8376.

A reminder that Old Home Day will be happening at the Historic Site on Saturday, 8/1, from 10 AM – 4:00 PM.   Agricultural historian Paul Wood (sponsored by the Vermont Humanities Council’s Speakers Bureau) will speak at 1:30.  The reenactment of Calvin Coolidge’s “Homestead Inaugural” will take place at 2:47.  Come enjoy wagon rides, a noon barbecue, old-time music, sheep shearing, traditional craft demonstrations, and “Clara’s Games” (historic children’s games organized by the Vermont Historical Society).

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Birthdays, Debate, and Barbecues — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard


In case you wondered what happened to my column last week – we were away on vacation!  Visited with family and friends from VT to NC.  Had a nice overnight with Jim and Aldine Musser and saw pictures of their 2 month old grandson, born to daughter Sheri and her husband.  Crystal was married since we last visited and Melody was due home from Burundi for a visit.  Some of you may remember David DiBiasi, formerly of Tyson.  Well, we stayed with him and his wife one night as well!

Come to the Reach Out Luncheon downstairs in the Community Room at the church to hear our speaker, Todd Menees at 11:00 AM, then enjoy our meal of baked BBQ chicken, rice, green bean casserole, salad and dessert.

A bit behind on birthdays this month, so belated best wishes to Josie Flaster (7/2), Cindy Summer (7/5) and Mark Savery (7/12).  You still have time to congratulate Tina Verdrager (7/28), Bea Wheeler (7/30) and Carolyn Scott (7/31).

Welcome, Susie Faith Bergey!

Welcome, Susie Faith Bergey!

Congratulations to Amber and Brandon Bergey on the 7/2 birth of Susie Faith.  It really seems like an amazing time for babies in our town and we welcome all of them!

Consider joining the Coolidge Foundation course on 8/3 and 8/4 on  Bookmaking with Primary Sources: Out of the Files and Into our Imaginations.  The activities will focus on projects that children or adults could make or use to connect primary sources to their own lives, areas of interest, or classroom study.  Also, I understand that judges may still be needed for the 7/25 Debate Day.

Just so you can mark your calendar ahead of time, the 105th annual Tyson Ladies Aid Bazaar is scheduled for Sat, 8/8 from 10-2 on the green in Veteran’s Park, Ludlow.  It will include all the usual Chicken BBQ, Fantastic Basket Raffle, Bake Sale, and Book Sale.  More details to follow!

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LPCTV Annual Meeting and Board Elections Will Be Held on June 25

Community Members Invited to Participate & Vote

LPCTV is holding its Annual Meeting at 7pm on Thursday, June 25th at its facility in the Ludlow Community Center Complex. The agenda will include a tour of the improvements made to the facility this past year, a “State of the Station” report, voting on the Board of Directors elections, as well as a vote on the annual budget.

LPCTV is a non-profit community television station and media center serving the Towns of Ludlow, Plymouth, Cavendish, and Mount Holly. The station operates Channels 8 and 10 locally on the Comcast cable TV system (Ch 20 and 21 in Mt. Holly). Those residing in the service area are encouraged to participate in the process, by voting for the Board of Directors and / or attending the Annual Meeting.

This year, community members will elect up to 6 candidates to the Board. Running for re-election are Sharon Bixby, Fra DeVine, Chris Saylor, and George Thomson. Joining them on the ballot are Lou Krefski from Ludlow and Don Richardson from Mt. Holly. For those who cannot attend the meeting but wishing to vote in the elections, the ballot is now available. There are several ways for community members to obtain a copy of the ballot. They may request a copy by calling LPCTV at 228-8808 or emailing Executive Director Patrick Cody at A copy may also be picked up in person at LPCTV during regular business hours, or downloaded from LPCTV’s website – Ballots must be received prior to the start of the Annual Meeting.

For those interested in attending the LPCTV meeting, light refreshments will be served. RSVPs are requested.  For more information, visit LPCTV online at

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Plymouth History Shines in the Summer, and You Can Participate! –Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard


Storms have been passing in and out, but as I write this column on Sunday afternoon, the sun is bright and the air is humid.  Oh well, it is summer and I for one am grateful for it.  A walk with friends immediately after church in a light drizzle felt good.

Speaking of church, today we had 5 youngsters (ages 2-4), plus their parents attend our monthly Children’s Sunday.  Cindy Summer, with the help of teenager Theresa Steward, talked with them about their fathers, our Heavenly Father, and helped them to make cards.  We also sang Happy Birthday to Dot Pingree, but I am not going to tell her age!

For those of you who did not attend the Strawberry Festival on the 17th, you missed a terrific event!  Lots of people (over 400), great food, and wonderful prizes – all in one place on a delightful June evening in one of our 2 lovely state parks.  Thanks to the many businesses and individuals who so graciously provided time, energy, and donations!

I understand from the Historical Society meeting minutes that they plan to put together a photo exhibit on the different Hamlets in Plymouth.   Looking forward to seeing it.  They are still working on the “Irene” documentary, as well, so you have time to add your input.

In reading the 6/8 Select Board minutes, I see that Ham Gillett spoke about the Recycling changes that will take effect 7/1 and that he provided the Town Hall with various flyers for distribution.  You can also obtain more information  Hopefully a meeting will take place soon so that we can learn how Plymouth will be implementing the new regs.

So be sure to come to Plymouth Notch on July 4th for all of the events.  At 10:00 AM you can see the Naturalization Ceremony for new U.S. citizens.  Then folks will begin to gather on the green around 11:30 for the walk to the cemetery with the Presidential wreath.  Don’t forget to include Jim Cooke’s final solo performance as Calvin Coolidge at 1:30 PM on your agenda, perhaps with lunch at the Wilder House in-between!

There is a way to share your enthusiasm for history by volunteering some mornings during May, June, September, and October to explore the President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site with students. Become a docent for the Coolidge Foundation’s History Exploration Program.  Contact Education Director Diane Kemble at or call 802-672-3389.

Another need is for seasonal tour guides this summer and fall at the Historic Site.  It would provide a good opportunity for you to learn more about the Coolidge legacy and to interact with an enthusiastic public!  Please contact site administrator Bill Jenney at 802-672-3773.

Photos from this year’s Strawberry Festival (thanks to Betty Aubin):

DSC05490[1] DSC05488[1]  DSC05479[1] DSC05477[1]DSC05492[1]  DSC05478[1]DSC05483[1]DSC05475[1]

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Birthdays, Babies, and Graduations! — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard


Well, I need to apologize.  I forgot to put Sue Poirier (6/4) and Tom’s birthday (6/6) in last week, so you will need to wish them a belated Happy Birthday!  Coming up are more birthdays:  Sally Markwell (6/9), plus several on 6/14 – Doris Earle, Matt Harootunian, Theresa  Steward, and me.  Then on 6/26, don’t forget Georgiana Whalen.  Best wishes to all!

Something new at the Historical Society (802-438-8351) where you can now leave a message to be picked up on the gmail account.  The Museum plans to be open noon to 2:00 PM on Saturdays through Oct, although other arrangements can be made through that number.  Volunteers are always needed to make sure the Museum can be staffed.  The next meeting is June 18th at 7 PM.

Richard G. Olmsted IV, born 3/7/15 to Jaclyn and Richard Olmstead of Tyson. Welcome!

Richard G. Olmsted IV, born 3/7/15 to Jaclyn and Richard Olmstead of Tyson. Welcome!

Although he is several months old now, I want to welcome Richard G. Olmsted IV (see picture) born 3/7/15 to Jaclyn and Richard Olmstead of Tyson. Grandparents are Randy and Jan Shimp of Plymouth, Pat and Jeff Boultinghouse of Santa Clarita CA, and Richard Jr. and Cheryl Olmstead of Lancaster CA.

Our students have had some excellent accomplishments of late.  Congratulations to Sage Allen, who was inducted into the National Honor Society in April at Black River High School.  I noticed that Grace Vosburgh scored three goals to help bring the WUHS Girls Lacrosse win against Harwood.

We have many graduating seniors this year.  I was honored to be part of Baccalaureate for BRHS this year.  Cedar Allen was there and plans to attend Lakes Region Community College in Laconia NH to obtain an Associates in Electrical Systems Installation Maintenance.  It will allow him to be certified in Solar installation and become an electrician apprentice.

There are a number of graduates from WUHS.  Lilli Buchangroff will be going to Bennington College to study the technical aspects of theatre — set design, lights, sound and directing.   Sahara Bebo will be heading to Ithaca College to study communication arts.  Madison Cassano plans to attend Colby Sawyer for liberal arts.  Holli Olsen is off to Colby College in Maine on a pre-med path.  James Scomillio will be joining the Army, following the footsteps of many other family members.  Christian Vosburgh will be attending Green Mountain College in Poultney, VT this fall.  Congratulations to one and all.

On the other end of the spectrum, Liza Ward, recovering from her serious fall and head injury is currently at the Gill Home.  You may have seen Bea Wheeler out and about.  She is still at the Gill Home receiving PT, but is enjoying riding around with John on occasion!

Mark your calendar for the Strawberry Festival, held at Camp Plymouth State Park from 5-8 PM on Wed, 6/17.  Raffle tickets are available for over 40 great prizes thanks to generosity of many businesses and individuals.  The proceeds go entirely to meet community needs, including food for the Reach Out Luncheon.

Many of you know that Amber Bergey is due to have her baby in June, so Dan Laubach has been hired as the interim program director at Bethany Birches Camp this year.  We welcome him to the area and wish Brandon and Amber well with the impending birth.

In case folks didn‘t see Terry‘s article about the new resource guide, “The Plymouth Directory“, I thought I would note it here.  It has been a big project and it is still ongoing for he is listing businesses, organizations, non-profit clubs, artists/crafters, etc on this free website (  Your resource needs to physically be located in Plymouth or you need to live in Plymouth to participate.  Terry can assist you in creating a site, so be sure to get your information to him at or call him at 672-5390.


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Summer is Here, and the Eatin’ is Good! –Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard

Summer Dining


Compared to the crowds of the holiday weekend, this one seemed pretty quiet.  It was wonderful, however, to attend the gathering for Sam Moyer and his bride, Renee.  Although they were married in January, this celebration allowed those of us who have known Sam over the years to meet Renee and offer our best wishes!  The occasion was enhanced by lovely music from the Bethany Mennonite church congregation.

The school year is drawing to a close, so be mindful that youngsters may be out and about from now on.  I hope to have information about our local graduates for next week’s report.

Although I have only been out on my bike once so far, there have been more bikers on our roads with the nice weather.  Some do not seem aware that riding side by side is not a good idea.  Many of us, however, try to be mindful of staying to the side and not impeding traffic.  Hope we can all be courteous!

It was wonderful to have Erik Johansson at Tyson Church this Sunday.  We sang some traditional hymns, but he also played and sang some of his own compositions which were very uplifting.  One he even wrote on Sunday morning!  We hope to have him back again.  In honor of Trinity Sunday, we had Neapolitan ice cream (3 in 1) with toppings!

Serving strawberries at the Plymouth Strawberry Festival

Serving strawberries at the Plymouth Strawberry Festival

The prizes for the Strawberry Festival raffle are piling up thanks to the generosity of local individuals and businesses.  To date there are over 30, including gift certificates for food, services, and activities.  You don’t need to wait until the Festival on 6/17, several of us are keeping a supply of tickets on hand, so feel free to get in touch!  All of the proceeds go directly to meet community needs.

I understand that Lauren Skaskiw’s plan to have childcare available at the Schoolhouse Community Center this summer is coming along nicely.  She is a licensed Early Childhood Educator, who is currently teaching Preschool.   Starting in mid-June, she will be providing care for up to 6 children, ages 3 and above, each day Monday through Friday and she already has a number of youngsters signed up.  Check out or call her at 802 855 7566.   She is excited about bringing the garden back to life with the children. The resurfacing of the playground space will be undertaken by those at Farm and Wilderness Camp

Please note that good food is again available here in Town.  Wilder House (672-4313) at the Historic Site is open for the season, 7 days per week, from 9:00 – 4:00.  Tina and Bruce at the Inn at Water Edge (228-8143) are back from vacation and are again offering their Thursday and Friday evening dinner specials.  The Echo Lake Inn (228-8602) had their 1st wedding this past weekend.  The restaurant will be open from 5:30 – 8:30 PM Monday through Thursday starting 6/8.  I guess I should mention that the concession at Camp Plymouth State Park is also open for business!

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