Community Luncheon & Composting Presentation ~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with Permission from The Vermont Standard.


Seems like spring is struggling to pop. Some of us had a mini-blizzard on Tuesday, although it didn’t last too long.  I don’t believe I have ever seen such huge snowflakes!  Looks like our sad sugaring season will come to an end shortly. I believe most folks have had a questionable season – ours is the worst we have ever had, so I hope the price of maple syrup doesn’t skyrocket.

Ken Harmon will be our speaker at the Community Luncheon on Thursday, 4/18, talking about his experience with a train crash. Hope folks will join us in the Community Room at Tyson Church at 11:30 for chicken, veggies, rolls and dessert.

Please note that the Bridgewater Grange will sponsor a free presentation on backyard composting by VT Master Composter Cat Buxton on Thursday, 5/9 at 6:30 PM. Attendees can purchase one Soil Saver composter per household for $30 and/or a Sure-Close kitchen pail for $5. Pre-registration requested if you’re considering a purchase. Call Ham Gillett at 674-4474 or email

In case you are starting your spring cleaning and finding items you no longer need, think about participating in Plymouth Town-Wide Tag Sale Memorial Day Sunday, May 26th 20199AM – 6PM at The Plymouth Community Center. More details to follow closer to the date!

Here are the recent property transfers:

1) 138 Merlin Way, $555,000 William & Karin Sweet to Paul Watson

2) 162 Bear Hill Road, $137,000 Peoples United Bank N.A. to Kristin and Richard Adkins

3) 314 Dead End Rd $290,000 Neil & Helen Dewar to Michael and Sophia Beland

4) 954 East Ash Rd, Ledges # 17 $240,000 William Dunkin to Edward and Laura Mazzella

5) 2185 Lynds Hill Rd., $200,000 Raymond Gingras and Deborah Woodward to Rebecca Ruplin and Kevin Ross


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Plymouth Town-Wide Tag Sale coming in May!

Plymouth Town-Wide Tag Sale
Memorial Day Sunday, May 26th 2019

9AM – 6PM

Inside at The Plymouth Community Center (the old Elementary School) · 35 School Dr, Plymouth
(Just North of the Municipal Building on Route 100 in Plymouth Union)

The residents of Plymouth VT are hosting a Tag Sale featuring a wide range of furniture, contemporary treasures, knick-knacks, sporting equipment, and good-quality clothing.

Our last town-wide sale included —

good-quality furniture (chairs, coffee tables, side boards, bar stools, bedside tables)
antique woodworking tools
contemporary and antique dish sets and tableware
contemporary home furnishings and knick-knacks (wall hangings, tabletop decorations, baskets)
cooking and food prep equipment (casserole dishes, decorative muffin tins, peelers & scrapers)
weights and exercise equipment
medical equipment (crutches, bathtub chairs, toilet seat risers, walkers, canes)
skis and poles
snowboards and ice skates
snowsuits, ski ware, goggles, helmets
prom dresses, cocktail and evening dresses
casual clothing, jeans
dress and casual shoes
sweaters and jackets
motorcycle leathers, gloves, helmets
telescopes and microscopes, binoculars
Come explore our new offerings as Plymouth residents & second home owners clear out our storage lofts, attics, basements and garages!

How to Participate as a Vendor at the 6th Annual Plymouth Town Tag Sale 

All Plymouth residents are invited to participate as vendors in our Tag Sale on Memorial Day Sunday; to be held at the Plymouth Community Center on May 26th. 

To put items up for sale, here’s what you need to do:
Securely attach a tag to every item. Each tag must have both (a) your initials, and (b) the price. (We cannot negotiate a price on your behalf, however you can change prices on your unsold items at anytime during the sale.) Please use 3 initials on your tags, to avoid possible duplication!
Note: We strongly suggest that you use actual tags – ideally, the kind with little strings – and attach them securely with safety pins or by tying the string to your item. We have learned that adhesive labels, tape, and safety pin-secured tags tend to fall off. If your tag falls off, or we cannot read what it says, we will not be able to sell the item.
Deliver your Tag Sale items to the Plymouth Community Center on the following days and times:

Sunday May 19th, 11am-1pm
Wednesday May 22nd, 4:30pm-6:30pm
Saturday May 25th 10:30am-1:30pm

We will have tables for display. You can also provide your own display, if you wish. And, in general, if you have a table to loan us, it will be a big help. 

You are responsible for displaying your items. Tables and floor space are available on a first-come, first-served basis. However, your items do not have to be segregated from other people’s items because the tags identify what belongs to you no matter where they are displayed. 

While delivering your items, please sign up for a shift to help staff the event. The Sale will be open from 9 am – 6 pm on Sunday May 26th. We need at least 2 volunteers for each of the following shifts:

9 am – 11am




Please plan to pick up what does not sell on the following dates and times.

Wednesday May 29, 4-7 pm
Saturday, June 1, 10:30 am – 1:30pm

Anything unclaimed will be offered to Bridgewater Sustainable Earth Foundation the week of June 5. Anything they do not want will be disposed of through the Plymouth Transfer Station on June 10th. 

Cost: There will be a small fee to participate as a vendor. The fee offsets the cost of printing flyers, making sandwich boards to advertise the event, and disposal cost. The fee is $5, and will be subtracted from your total sales. (So, if you don’t sell anything, you won’t pay anything. And if you sell less than $5, you will only pay the amount you sold. Everything over the first $5 will go to you.)
Participants are partners in advertising the event. We will have a downloadable PDF of the event’s advertisement flyer available on May 1. You can use it to print your own flyers, if you wish. We will also provide printed flyers at Plymouth Town Hall starting on Monday, May 1. Please spread them around!

Questions? Contact Lauren Skaskiw, Community Center Director or call 802 417 6895

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Windsor Central School Board meeting tonight

Windsor central school board meeting tonight, 6PM WUHSMS Teagle Library. Public comment period is 6:05-6:15. Agenda at

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Good Friday Bake Sale & upcoming Spaghetti Supper~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard.


Bright sunshine & rising temps are very welcome this Friday morning. The forecast of rain/snow later – not so much! Our driveway is cordoned off at the moment, so that ruts from the tires do not arise & lead to little rivers rushing down during the April showers. I tell myself it is good exercise to trudge up and down, but I do regret that friends coming here for dinner this evening will need to trek up to the house.

Plans were discussed for the annual Tyson Ladies Aid Good Friday bake sale at the Shaws plaza in Ludlow on 4/19. There are always many interesting goodies from which to choose. All of the ladies are terrific cooks, but some are truly creative!

Also, their Spaghetti Supper on Sunday, 5/5 at the Plymouth town building promises to be a delightful and delicious time. There is no charge, but donations are encouraged and this time will go to Plymouth Emergency Services for supples needed for community education.

Sue Poirier will be teaching what is called ‘Hands Only’ CPR on Tuesday, 4/30 from 6:30 – 8:00 PM at the Fire Station for only $5. To register contact Sue at no later than 4/22. There will be additional training offered in the future, with new medical “props” needed. We are fortunate to have folks willing to teach and TLA offering to help with expenses – a real community effort!

Speaking of community efforts, the next Community Luncheon downstairs in Tyson Church will be 4/19. Looking for help with meal prep. We usually have 25 – 30 people in attendance, including teens from Windsor County Youth Services, who assist with serving and clean-up. We need a main course, sides, and dessert. Anyone interested in helping, please let me know!


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‘Hands Only’ CPR class to be offered

‘Hands Only’ CPR course to be offered
When:  Tuesday, April 30th
Time: 6:30 – 8:00 pm
Where:  Plymouth Town Hall FD meeting room
Cost: $5
This course will cover ‘hands only’ CPR for adults, children and infants.  It will also cover the use of an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) and choking.  This is a non certificate course but it is AHA sanctioned.
To hold a class we need a minimum enrolled of 3 and maximum of 8.
To register contact Sue at no later than April 22.
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Black Ice aplenty! ~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


The gentle rain falling Friday seemed innocent enough, but it has been glazing up some of the roads in Plymouth. One of the Sheriff’s deputies found out the hard way when he skid on Rte 100A and the truck landed on its side. Apparently other vehicles had a problem in that same area near the entrance to Coolidge State Park. They were able to be moved, but a wrecker was needed for the truck. Although transported via ambulance as a precautionary measure, I have heard that he was not seriously hurt.

This incident is a wake-up call for all of us about black ice. My car produces a symbol on the dash when the temps hover round the freezing mark. What is so scary is the fact the road seems fine, then a patch will suddenly freeze and there is no controlling your vehicle on it. So, hopefully we will all be mindful of this danger, especially this time of year.  

For those of you who need some help with computer issues, please consider joining Matt Sydorowich of Sydscompufix in Ludlow, who will be offering a “FREE computer class to Elder citizens at The Plymouth Community Center” on Saturday, 4/6 from 10:00 – noon. I know I need all the help I can get, so I will be there. Let him know if you plan to attend at or call 802 228 4379 and you can note any specific issues you would like him to explore.


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Community Luncheon & Reading Group ~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission by The Vermont Standard


Well, so much for a couple of days of spring-like weather! Snow is swirling as I write on Friday and who knows what the totals will end up being. Sadly, we cancelled plans to meet friends from Pittsfield MA in Bennington for lunch today. I believe that is the second time this winter!

I feel sorry for the birds, especially the woodpeckers, since the raccoons have awakened and raided the suet feeder twice within the last several days. I know they are hungry, but they relish eating and devour the whole thing!

Although a few less in attendance, we had the most amazing feast at the Community Luncheon yesterday. Michelle Pingree’s friend, Carl prepared a very delicious corned beef and cabbage meal. It was absolutely the best that I have ever had! Erik Johansson played both guitar and harp for us – always wonderful, too.

The Reading Group met last evening to discuss Little Fires Everywhere by Celest Ng. It was another look at family dynamics and how our preconceived ideas often determine our responses. The relationships among teens and between them and their parents is always intriguing. The next selection is the Anatomy of a Miracle by Jonathan Miles, which will be discussed on 5/2. Find a copy and consider joining us. The topics of conversation that arise are fun, varied, and thought-provoking!

More homes and land changing hands:

1) 490 Grand View Lodge $450,012 Carl Witthoft and Julie Jankelson to Braintree Real Estate Mgmt. Co.

2) Pine Hill Rd. 51.1 Acres $45,000 Arthur Grace to Michael and Melissa Lynds

3) 431 Peregrine Rd. $198,150 Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Leonardo Echanique and Nicholas Grande

4) 7 Bear Hill $275,000 Green Mountain Bureau, LLC to Nathan and Lauren Kostoulakos

5) Colby Pond Rd. 60 Acres $100,000 Deborah Songailo and Sean Kunzli to Todd Rainville

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