Tom’s Celebration of Life, Brian Aust’s presentation at Camp Plymouth State Park and Tyson Ladies Aid Bazaar ~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


A new month begins, but the rainy weather pattern continues. It amazes me that my tomatoes are growing and even ripening, but the leaves are turning spotted and brown.  As I keep removing them, the stalks are becoming naked!  The basil seems to like all of this moisture, so I really need to get busy and make some pesto.

I would like to thank everyone who attended and helped with Tom’s Celebration of Life, both at Camp Plymouth State Park (such a beautiful spot) during the day and in the tent at the Echo Lake Inn during the evening.  The weather cooperated and the rain did not make an appearance until we had left the park and managed to stop before we arrived at the Inn.  Many thanks to Tom Gianola and his staff for the wonderful hors d’oeuvres, kindness, and presentation of food.  Music by Erik Johansson, Melissa Maravell and Jason Cann were delightful accompaniments to the well-wishes and stories people shared about Tom.

Don’t forget Brian Aust’s presentation on 8/5 at Camp Plymouth State Park at 11 AM – Here Be Dragonflies in order to learn more about dragonflies and damselflies.  Also, the Tyson Ladies Aid Bazaar will be held Saturday, 8/7 at Memorial Park in Ludlow from 10 until 2.

I understand that the first Farmers Market/Craft Fair went very well, offering fresh veggies and herbs, eggs, homemade teas, salves, tinctures, candles, honey and art and jewelry for sale, as well as some relishes and jams.  Make sure to mark your calendar for the next one on Sunday 8/29 from 3-6 pm.  Note that everyone is welcome and there is no charge for vendors to set up a tent. Interested vendors should contact Lauren Skaskiw at 802 417 6895 or email lskaskiw@lskaskiw

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Wildlife sightings, Tom’s Celebration of Life, and upcoming Tyson Ladies Aid Bazaar~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


Another week has come and gone.  July seems to be moving much too quickly for my liking!  A little rain, a little sunshine – refreshingly cool nights and a bit too much humidity sometimes.  Oh well, there are things to do indoors and outdoors, so enjoy….

My neighbor, Joanie, tells me that they have a picture of a bobcat on their trail camera.  That is the one animal that I still long to see.  Many moons ago I was part of a pilot project for VINS with the ELF program.  It was fascinating to learn about these elusive creatures.

Another animal sighting that is not a pleasant one.  There is a very mangy looking fox on our road.  I have not seen it personally, but I have been told that it was in the road during the day and it did not seem afraid of people.  Certainly we all need to be especially careful in case it has rabies.

I want to thank the Fire Department for agreeing to put up a tent at Camp Plymouth State Park for Tom’s Celebration of Life on Tuesday.  The weather forecast has been bouncing around, so hopefully we won’t need to take cover, but at least we will have a place to do so if need-be.  By the way, stop up and see the amazing memory garden done by Sean Kane and crew of Mountain Top Greenscapes. Tom and I had barely started to work on this hill and now it is truly lovely.

Coming up on 8/7 is the Tyson Ladies Aid Bazaar to be held at Memorial Park in Ludlow from 10 until 2.  Although the numerous gift certificates are always a big draw for the raffle, the ladies have not asked local businesses due to the financial hardship of COVID.  Donations are always welcome, however.  There will be the usual spectacular array of gift baskets upon which to take a chance.  The bake sale and book sale are always wonderful and of course, the chicken BBQ will be happening, too.  Funds raised are used for a number of community needs, including two scholarships for graduating seniors, support of Tyson Library, and many other worthwhile projects.

Just a heads-up about The Best of Vermont Summer Festival, on 8/28 and 29 at the Okemo Field on Route 103 in Ludlow.  More details to follow…

A small part of the Tom’s Memory Garden

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Special Farm to Ballet Project announcement ~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

I just wanted folks to know that our own Emily Dupont will be performing at Billings Farm on Sunday, 7/25 at 6:30 PM with The Farm to Ballet Project.  This is an interesting concept –  “an original ballet about a farm through the seasons. Dancing vegetables, familiar animals, and even the seasons themselves come to life through dance in a joyful and entertaining show. The ballet explores the relationship between farmers and land, natural food cycles, and the human role in ecosystems. They perform outside at farms and share ticket sales with the farm to help implement regenerative agriculture projects.” 

Check it out!

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Upcoming Farmers Market at Plymouth Community Center!

This Sunday July 25th, the Plymouth Community Center will host local vendors, free of charge, between 3 and 6 PM.  

The building will be open for access to restrooms. 

The address of the Community Center is 35 School Dr., Plymouth, VT 05056

(Formally the Elementary School) 

Vendors are invited to bring their own set up to sell their various goods and crafts. Tents are suggested in case of rainy weather.

All interested vendors please contact Lauren Skaskiw at 802-417-6895 or email to register and learn more.

Or, just show up on Sunday to sell your wares!

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Community Food Shelf, Book Club update, & upcoming Dragonfly program at Camp Plymouth State Park ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


Don’t you wish we could send this rain out west where they need it?  Some of my plants seem to be drowning, but others are green and flourishing.  It is easy to feel waterlogged & logy with these dreary days, but it really does fill me with gratitude when the sun finally breaks through.

Please take note of what is available at the Woodstock Community Food Shelf (802 – 457-1185) They have plenty of fresh milk, fruits, and veggies, as well as eggs, frozen ground beef and poultry. The shelves are also well stocked with non-perishable items. Located at Maxham Meadow Way, they are open every Monday, 4-6, Wednesday 1-3, and Saturday 10-12. I believe that masks are required for all volunteers and visitors. Many people have been taking advantage of the very abundant fresh produce at VeggieVanGo, distributed the 2nd Wednesday of the month in front of Union Arena at the WUHS. I checked with Diane Brown and Plymouth residents are welcome there, too.

Since I was at Lake George last Wed, I participated in the Book Group meeting via Facetime.  It certainly was not as much fun as seeing everyone in person, but I did appreciate the opportunity to participate in the discussion of Surviving the White Gaze by Rebecca Carroll.  It was a memoir and I found it difficult to warm up to author, but it was an interesting read.
Books for the next three months have been chosen.  For 8/18 the meeting will take place at Tyson Library, to discuss The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living by Louise Miller.  On 9/15, we will be back at the Community Center, to review Confident Women by Tori Telfer.  On 10/13, the book is Anxious People by Frederick Bachman.

There will be a delightful program on 8/5 at Camp Plymouth State Park at 11 AM – Here Be Dragonflies!   Park Interpreter, Brian Aust will facilitate this hour long event of learning about dragonflies and damselflies and will carefully capture and/or photograph them for identification, then upload to iNaturalist and the VT Atlas of Life.  If you have your own net, bring it along.  There will be special coloring sheets & crayons for the kids, but adults should enjoy this event, too! 

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110th Tyson Ladies Aid Bazaar : Saturday, August 7, 2021

The event that you all have been waiting for is finally going to happen: Saturday, August 7th at the Gazebo across from the Baptist Church on the green in Ludlow.  The Ladies are excited to be able to once again hold this community favorite event after missing you all last year. There will be dozens of gift baskets on display for you to take a chance of winning…There is something for everyone AND a very special MYSTERY gift basket will be given away as a ‘door prize’ (whoa!!! This is the most fun!).

AND there is, of course our famous CHICKEN BBQ complete with corn on the cob, homemade coleslaw,  baked beans and a beverage.  Got a sweet tooth?  The Ladies famous baked goods will be there for you to choose whatever tickles your fancy at the time or just take home for the family and friends.  And yes, there will be a book sale too !

Tents will open for business from 10 a.m. to 2 pm so come early, come hungry and come with your shopping list of gifts for yourself, friends or family.  All money earned goes to support community projects such as the free Tyson Library, a scholarship for two graduating high school seniors and many other community support projects.  Help us help the community while you have fun too!  For more information contact Janine Norman at 802-228-8764.  Hope to see you there next Saturday!!! 

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Upcoming Plymouth Farmers Market and Memorial Services ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission of The Vermont Standard


With the recent rain, watering the garden has not been an issue lately.  I do need to tend to some of the hanging plants that are under cover, though.  Creatures abound here in VT.  Initially I thought a bear might be drinking from one of my lower hummingbird feeders, but a neighbor said a deer has been seen taking a swig from hers.  That does make sense since no real damage has taken place.  Imagine, here I was going to blame the bears!

We did not make syrup this year, so I had not been up to our sugar house lately.  The other evening a friend wanted to see it and what a disaster we found.  Plastic cups that hang on the wall were strewn around on the floor, the empty garbage container was on its side, and large plastic totes with empty syrup containers were moved around.  We did not need to wonder about the culprit for long, however, because a pile of quills led us to the dead porcupine.  Without an autopsy, we are uncertain about the cause of death, but since there was no odor, it likely met its demise a few months ago.

Congratulations to Steve Radonis on completing a recent course at the VT Fire Academy that covered extensive training in areas such as: hazardous material operations, weapons of mass destruction, clandestine labs and fuel spills to name a few.  I would like to recognize others who may be seeking training that will benefit the town; please let me know so I can acknowledge your endeavors.

It is so exciting that Plymouth will now have its own Farmers Market!  Starting on the last Sunday of July, the Community Center will host vendors, free of charge, between 3 and 6 PM.  The building will be open for access to restrooms.  All interested vendors please contact Lauren Skaskiw at 802-417-6895 or email to register and learn more.

During 2020, our community experienced the sudden deaths of both my husband, Tom in July and Ralph Michael in December. As many folks are aware, we are planning a Celebration of Life for Tom on 7/27.  Viewing will allow you to see the website that Melissa set up with the details.  We will need a count for those attending at the Echo Lake Inn for ordering appetizers.  Also, please note that Ralph’s Memorial Service will take place at the Union Christian Church located at the Calvin Coolidge Historic Site in Plymouth Notch at 11 AM on 8/14/21.  Refreshments will be served afterward at the Plymouth Town Building.

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Happy 4th! Local student and community member news, Community Luncheon planning ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


Writing this on the 4th of July – hope that you celebrated!  The weather has not been great for this Holiday weekend, but there was a lovely sunset this evening.  Lots of fireworks around Echo Lake and elsewhere tonight.  Unfortunately the ones at the Coolidge Homestead were cancelled on Saturday evening.  The Annual dinner was still held there and riding by, the many white tents were quite impressive.

I understand that a number of our local students have been excelling in school: 7th grade – Schuyler Hagge (Summa Cum Laude); 8th Grade – Colton Kowalski (Magna Cum Laude); 10th grade – Norah Harper (Summa Cum Laude); 11th grade – Meredith Reiger (Magna Cum Laude) and 12th grade – Calef Hepler (Magna Cum Laude).  Congratulations to one and all.  Calef also received the Tyson Ladies Scholarship.

There are also several birthdays this month.  I have already missed Susie Bergey (7/2), but coming up are Cindy Summer (7/5), Betty Stear (7/21), and Carolyn Scott (7/31).  Best wishes!  Condolences to the family of Mary Kay Bixby of Kingdom Rd, who passed away at their Smyrna Beach home on 6/19.

Several people have asked about the monthly Community Luncheons.  Katherine Pingree and I have recently been discussing having a potluck one at the Plymouth Community Center on Friday, 8/20.  Please let me know your thoughts, if you would like to attend and could possibly help with planning.  It has been a long time since we have all been together, but with vaccinations, it seems like it might be safe to meet again!

I received some exciting news when I recently had lunch with Kristen and Lauren Jarvi and Barbara Chick.  Lauren’s daughter, Hillary runs mountains and just placed first for women in the Marathon at Mont Blanc and 20th overall with more than 500 runners participating.  It took her 11 hours and 54 minutes to accomplish this feat!  As you can see, the view is spectacular, too.

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Exciting happenings in Plymouth Notch & recent property transfers ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


My apologies for missing last week!  I was on my way to Lake George on Monday afternoon when I remembered I had not done my report.  Alas, there was not a great deal of exciting news anyway…. Looks like it will be a steamy week, so Camp Plymouth State Park will likely be busy.  Still only snack items at the Concession, but boat rentals are now available.

I saw the oil mark in front of Richard North’s home on the Tyson/Reading Rd and understand that someone hit a pole there several days ago, but kept right on going, leaking fluids along the way.  I was privileged to assist with the renewal of vows on the lawn overlooking Echo Lake on Saturday for Scott and Pam Neleber.  Some of you may remember Scott’s mom, Alice, an artist who lived there for many years.

There are a number of exciting happenings coming up at the Notch.  According to Bill, the Site is fully open and welcoming visitors again.  The Cheese Factory is allowing access once more, too.  July 2-4 will include The Coolidge Cup, the national invitational speech and debate tournament sponsored by the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation. Fireworks will happen on 7/3 and the annual procession and wreath laying ceremony at the Coolidge graveside led by the Vermont National Guard will begin at noon on 7/4.  Plan on enjoying the delightful exhibits and buildings depicting the life and times of Calvin Coolidge all weekend and then help to celebrate his July 4th birthday!

More property is changing hands in town.  Below are the latest sales sent to me by Elaine:

1) 109 Upper Round Top Rd.     $317,000    Charles Cardillo, Jr and Todd Cardillo, Trustees to Matthew and Kaitlin Smith

2) 5392 Route 100      $195,000       James Nolan to Rad Roubeni     

3) Echo View Estates 2.46 Acres      $86,000     Tom Derlinga to Haig and Stephanie Seferian

4) 1383 Salt Ash Rd.      $520,000      Jon and Theonia Boyd to Walter and Elizabeth Mills

5) 9139 Route 100        $155,000  A.B.L.E. Waste Mgmt. to MJF Management, LLC

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WUHS graduation, Bookkeeper position, Book Club updates & upcoming road closure ~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


Saturday and Sunday have been delightful weather days and many people have been taking advantage and enjoying outdoor events.  Swimming, biking, walking have all exploded the weekend.  It is a good thing because the forecast for the next couple of days is for rain.  Time for indoor projects!

I understand that there were a few sprinkles at the WUHS graduation, but the celebration was not interrupted.  Congratulations to Kailyn Gomes, Calef Hepler, and Brooke Rebideau on their achievement.  Tyson Ladies Aid scholarship was awarded to Calef, who will be attending CT College in the fall.

I noticed that a part-time bookkeeper position was listed in the VT Journal to provide assistance to the Plymouth Town Clerk/Treasurer.  Additional information can be obtained at or by calling 802-672-3655.

It was so exciting to have the Book Group meeting in person on 6/9.  There were nine of us in attendance to discuss The Girls in the Stilt House by Kelly Mustian.  It was an interesting narrative about 2 young women, one black and the other white, who lived in Mississippi’s Natchez Trace during the early 1020s.  Discussion centered around the way each was trapped in a hard and cruel life – an eyeopener to the harsh conditions of that time and place.  Yet their resiliency and resourcefulness helped them to overcome their hardships and improve their situations.  The next meeting will take place on 7/14 to discuss Surviving the White Gaze by Rebecca Carroll.

Please note that there will be a road closure on Rte 100 north of Woodward Reservoir in order to replace bridges 114 and 115.  Working on them simultaneously VTRANS says will shorten the time of closure that will take several weeks and occur between Aug and Oct, from what I can glean. Going around on Rte 100A will mean additional travel time.

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