Request to photo share during this time of social distancing.. ~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Thanks to Lauren for sharing the picture of baby Liam.  Since we aren’t socializing, perhaps others would like to send photos to me with explanatory note.

It would be a way to connecting that will hopefully bring some smiles.

My email is  Looking forward to “hearing” from folks!

Be well, Margo

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Tyson Store now offering curbside pickup!

Attention All:  The Tyson Store on Rte 100 has a wonderful service available to everyone.  They are offering call in and pick up curbside service !  They have poultry, meats, household staples (eggs, milk, cheese, and oh so many other things!).  Oh, and their deli is open too.  Great sandwiches! This service is  especially helpful during this period of distance socializing (read social isolation)!!!

Give them a call!  Take advantage of this free service which not only helps you, it helps all of us by significantly reducing your social contacts which in turn reduces OUR risks.  AND it also helps support our great local business who has always been there for us when we need them!

Although they are open 7 days/week from 7 a.m to 6 pm, give them a call and order your supplies!  Take advantage of their call in and pick up curbside service. Their number is 802.228.2284. Stay safe and well everyone.

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Life during COVID-19, Sugaring & staying connected

Reprinted with the permission of The Vermont Standard


Well, the month of March is coming to an end. That seems like a good thing in light of COVID 19. Writing this on Sunday, it would be easy to let the dreariness outside be reflected in my mood. That will not be helpful, however, so I choose to see the positives that abound around me.

So many days this week there have been walks in sunlight – sharing pleasantries with family and friends that I encountered along the way. We have new neighbors up the road. I have not met them yet, but I intend to walk up there soon. They have a lovely large porch so we can chat with appropriate distance!

We had a good day in our sugarhouse, finishing the season with another 10½ gallons, which is a lot for us in one day! I was pleasantly surprised to find fresh fruit and veggies during senior shopping hours at Shaws in Ludlow last Tuesday. There were relatively few patrons, nobody in the check out line with me and staff was cheerful and efficient.

Robins are here, as well as purple finches. Oh, I need to thank Scott for bringing us another bag of sunflower seeds. As usually happens this time of year, our driveway is closed off, so he walked all the way up to our house with it!

I forgot to mention last week that I believe I saw a bobcat up in our woods. I caught a glimpse of it from our window as it slowly meanderied up the ridge, until it disappeared behind the sugarhouse. A cute little chippy spent considerable time seeming to look at me through the sliding glass door. He sat on our outdoor fireplace peering in, but I didn’t want to disturb the cat sitting on my lap, so I did not get a picture.

I participated in the Writing Circle sponsored by the Norris Cotton Cancer Center at DHMC on Tuesday evening. Such a diverse and delightful group of folks who write in response to prompts given by Marv Klassen-Landis. Connections – important and so needed right now. I will share below a silly little piece I wrote that night.

Although it was a challenge, I managed to hook into Zoom to join other congregants of Bethany Mennonite Church. Isn’t technology amazing! I would love to hear how some of you are doing and the ways that you are coping with these stressful times.  Be well, Margo


A time to take apart and a time to put together

Can I be productive during this pandemic?

Perhaps tackle a project or two

Well, I am only marginally motivated

Maybe I should compose a list

Alas, I just want to make calls and connect

Perchance, by multi-tasking I can do both!

If needed, contact the Disaster Distress Helpline external icon

Call 1-800-985-5990

Photo is of local Liam Harootunian, enjoying a springtime “walk” with his parents and canine friend Chulu. image0

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Fire Warden not issuing fire permits

From Sandie Small, Plymouth Town Clerk

Because of the coronavirus situation, please be advised our Fire Warden will not be issuing any fire permits at this time.


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Importance of staying connected, ABLE Waste running regularly, dog license registration date extended ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


So, this is my regular day to write and there really is not too much to say. We have been encountering many people during our daily walks on Dublin Rd and for the most part we all keep a respectable distance from each other while sharing warm greetings and good cheer.

Today some of us walked along Scout Camp Road, behind Echo Lake and there were several cars parked at the state park. The air was cool and the sunshine warm – a perfect combination. I know the some folks are feeling they need to stay indoors to maintain an acceptable distance. Whatever you prefer, I just hope that everyone is getting exercise and remaining in contact with other people. Social isolation can easily lead to depression, so by whatever means suits you, please reach out and stay connected.

Exercising and doing Tai Chi on the deck has been a new and lovely morning routine lately. Of course, I still have to bundle up, but my baggy coat allows me to stretch and move freely. Rather than my usual music, the birds provide their own symphony these days.

Speaking of birds, this pair of geese was swimming away from us, but when my friend readied her camera, they turned around in unison like a well orchestrated dance and seemed to pose for the picture!

By the way, I did speak with Able Waste and they still plan to maintain their regular schedule of both trash and recycling pick-ups. isn’t nice to know that something has remained unchanged! Peoples United Bank has requested appointments be made for inside services, although drive-through is still available.

I also wanted to note that the dog license registration date has been extended until 5/1, but Sandie said you are welcome to send in your check along with proof of rabies inoculation.

Lastly, a quote for the day rom Peter Marshall and it says: “When we long for life without… Difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure”.

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Sharing resources for this difficult time ~ Margo’s Plymouth report


Thought I would share some resource details with folks. This is information I gleaned today (Friday), but as we all know, things keep changing constantly these days!. Being on the Ludlow side of town, I know more about what is happening over this way. Feel free to email other updates to me and I will pass them along.

As far as Rutland is concerned, Price Chopper has senior hours from 6 – 7 AM daily, whereas Hannafords has senior times those same hours, but only Tues – Thurs. Shaws in Ludlow has senior hours on Tues & Thurs from 7 – 9 AM. Tina at the Tyson Village Store has no paper products or cleaning supplies, but they are still open and making sandwiches.

Many folks are aware that the Woodstock Farmers Market will process orders for pickup (no sandwiches being made!), but you need to submit your order online or by phone 24 hours in advance. Mac’s Market told me they are operating as usual.

Rite Aid in Ludlow is keeping to the regular schedule for the time-being, but Ludlow Pharmacy is only using their drive-up window. The banks is Ludlow have different operating procedures. At the moment Peoples United is open 9 – 2 both inside and at the drive-through. Berkshire only has drive-though service but is operating with their regular hours.

The Town Office and the Lister’s office are closed to the public for the time-being  but personnel will be available for phone and email inquiries.  As previously noted, Plymouth Emergency Management has created a new email account specifically for COVID-19. If anyone has a COVID issue or would like to be put on a ‘at risk’ list, please send an email to

Also, Okemo Valley TV is a wonderful resource. We do not have cable, but were able to see the latest Select Board meeting on their website. Cable TV channels can go to the Schedules page of the website ( The website provides local programs (and health info.from the CDC & State of Vermont), plus the 10-most recent programs will show up on the homepage. For a full searchable catalog of video on demand, go to the Videos page (

I hope that some of this information will help folks navigate these changing and stressful times. Take care & be well.


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Plymouth Emergency Management Team offers COVID-19 support

Plymouth Emergency Management has created a new email account specifically for COVID-19.  If anyone has a COVID issue or would like to be put on a ‘at risk’ list, please send an email to . This email will be monitored on a daily basis and we will respond to your concerns as quickly as possible.

We are ready to help in any way we can and will direct you to other resources if we cannot do it ourselves. These are very trying times and we want to do what we can to make life easier for all our Plymouth households.


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