Heartsaver/Certificate course at Plymouth Town Hall

There will be a Heartsaver/Certificate course held Thursday night, April 11 at 6:30 pm in the Plymouth Town Hall.

The cost for book and card is $25. The class runs for about 3 hours.

Interested in the Heartsaver/Certificate course?

Contact Susan Poirier at spcolby@gmail.com to RSVP

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Lots of upcoming events in Plymouth!

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard.


Well, here we are on a damp, but warm Friday. Will the temps actually make it to 60 degrees? It wasn’t that cold last night, so not sure the sap is running. Speaking of running, though, I saw a large fisher cat running, well, more like loping, on the snow-covered hill behind our house. Later, Karen Evans and I clamped on snowshoes & followed the tracks. Of course, we really weren’t trying to find it, but to see where it came from. After a long trek higher and higher, we finally had enough exercise & returned to house for a cup of tea!

Thanks to Michelle Pingree for agreeing to cook a corned beef and cabbage dinner for the Community Luncheon and to the Tyson Church for help with funding the meal. It will take place at 11:30 AM on Thursday, 3/21 in the Community Room of the church. Irish soda bread and a green dessert from Windsor Youth will round out the meal and we are hoping to have live music as well. All are invited to attend.

I have not had the pleasure of meeting Matthew McCormick, but he is interested in organizing and utilizing the many outdoor recreational opportunities in our area. He is proposing the name, PASTA, similar to RASTA (Rochester Area Sports Trails Alliance). He has reserved the Community Center at 6 PM on Friday, 3/22 to gather for discussion, complete with pizza, beverages, and maps to enhance the evening. Please consider attending. Kids are welcome to attend as well, The Plymouth Schoolhouse childcare will be open for kids to play in the classroom. 

Proud grandparents, Carl and Nancy Hagge shared this wonderful poem written by their granddaughter, Schuyler, age 11. She participated in the Young Writers Project and her poem was recently published in the Rutland Herald. With permission, I am copying it below:

Far away, there is a tunnel full of fears and full of dreams.

Far away, there is a tunnel full of hope and full of wishes

In this tunnel full of fears and dreams and hope and wishes

There is a light that burns in the night, out of sight.

And this light is the fears of the fearless, the dreams of the dreamless,

The hope of the hopeless and the wishes of the wishless.

Although it is a bit premature, I wanted to give you a heads-up about the Second Annual Community Spaghetti Dinner by Tyson Ladies Aid, that will take place on Sunday, 5/5 from 5 -7 PM at Plymouth Town Hall. Mark your calendar and join the fun. The meal is free, but donations are gladly accepted and will be used for community benefit.

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CPR classes offered at Plymouth CC

Interested in taking a CPR course?

Susan Poirier is available to teach CPR classes on Thursday March 28, Thursday April 4 & Thursday April 11 at 6:30 p.m at The Plymouth Community Center.

There are a couple of types of CPR courses; Family and Friends certification, Heart Saver Certification and Basic Life Support Certification.

The Heartsaver or the Basic Life Support (for healthcare providers such as nurses, EMTs etc) courses are 3 hours long. Those classes are done in ‘one sitting’.  These courses are $25 each.

The ‘Family and Friends’ class should only be 90 min. max and will cost $10.

We would need at least 3 people/class to sign up. If interested, please send contact info to Susan at spcolby@gmail.com.

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FREE computer class coming to the CC!

Having troubles with your computer?
Matt Sydorowich from Sydscompufix in Ludlow will be offering a FREE computer class to Elder citizens at The Plymouth Community Center on Saturday April 6th, 2019. The class starts at 10am and goes until noon. The Community Center is located at 35 School Drive in Plymouth. 
Please email him or give a call letting him know what it is you are having troubles with, so we can focus on those issues.
Email Matt at: sydscompufix@rocketmail.com
Phone number: 802 228 4379
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Town Meeting and Election Results

By Jen Flaster, Plymouth Press

Nearly 50 Plymouth residents came out for Town Meeting on Monday evening. There was little discussion on the first two agenda items. The vote to allocate $11,808 for Human Services easily passed.

The question on the town budget was amended by select board chair Ralph Michael to update a typo printed in the report, so voters considered if the town would vote to raise $1,205,454 to cover expenses in the amount of $1,305,454. Discussion on the town budget was minimal, although one voter noted that the town now has at least $1 million on hand in cash, which is higher than in the past. Larry Lynds responded that the auditors report came after the budget was set, but it’s something the select board could consider when they set next year’s budget. If cash on hand remains at that level, perhaps the town would not need to raise as much to cover expenses next year.

The final question on the agenda had the town considering whether to exempt the state portion of Bethany Birches’ property tax. The camp pays its municipal tax, but was requesting that it be relieved of the $17,000 in education taxes to the state. Brandon Bergey, executive director of Bethany Birches was on hand and he answered many questions. He and others spoke up about the benefits that Bethany Birches, a nonprofit organization, provides to Plymouth residents and the larger community. Some spoke about how they use the facilities for birthday parties free of charge, and the camps provide public access for snowmobiling and ice skating. The funds saved in not paying the education tax would go towards aiding low income campers to come to camp.

While many in attendance support the camps and their services, there were many questions about how this tax relief would affect Plymouth taxpayers. The cost to taxpayers was estimated at $7 per $100,000 in property value. There was no time frame stated in the question, so voters asked for how long would Plymouth residents have to cover this tax liability. Would those taxes go up over time as education tax rates changed? Per Brandon and state representative Charlie Kimball who was also in attendance, the tax relief typically is given for a 5-year period. After the close of discussion, the vote was taken by paper ballot and the question passed by 24 yeahs to 22 nays.

After the close of the meeting, Charlie Kimball presented on what’s happening in Montpelier. He left copies of a summary of issues he’s working on at the town office and invited Plymouth residents to get in touch with him or set up a visit in Montpelier.

Plymouth Election Results

Town Moderator: Tom Harris

Selectperson: Ralph Michael

Lister (3 years): Tom Marrone

Lister (1 year): Paul Kowalski

Trustee of Public Funds: Bobbi Jean Lambert

Collector of Delinquent Taxes: Kathleen Billings

Grand Juror: Shawn Bemis

Town Agent: Joyce Cooper

Cemetery Commissioner: Michael Pierson

WCMUUSD/Town of Plymouth

School Director (3 years): Morgan Sailer

School Director (1 year): Jen Flaster

Appropriation of Funds: Yes

Total votes cast: 109

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Town Meeting Monday~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission by The Vermont Standard


Wow, I can’t believe I am writing this on March 1st. It certainly doesn’t look like spring is around the corner! Yesterday I was able to remove a bit of ice from last weekend’s mixed bag of precipitation. I was so glad that the recent four inches was simply light and fluffy snow. But, who knows what is coming next – at least the lovely sunshine, glistening snow and beautiful blue sky help to brighten our spirits.  Anyway, the path to our sugar house is shoveled and tapping out is progressing.  Looking forward to the sweet result!

Town meeting is approaching and will be over by the time this appears in the VT Standard. Please note that there are positions with write-in candidates, so if you receive this via the Plymouth Press, please become informed in order to make good choices. Some items are voted on Monday evening at the meeting, while others are by Australian ballot on Tuesday.

How exciting that Lauren Skaskiw- Harootunian has obtained several grants to enhance the Community Center (former elementary school). Her latest one will allow her to expand and provide childcare year round, once she hires additional staff. Knowing Brenda Metzler of the non-profit Let’s Grow Kids, I am sure her mentorship will be very helpful. Certainly there were many of us in town who bemoaned the closing of PES, so it is wonderful to see that the facility is being utilized in ways that benefit all segments of our population.

Starting to plan the next Community Luncheon which will be 3/21. If you are interested in helping, please let me know. We are hoping to have music, too!


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2018 Summary of Plymouth Community Center Events and looking ahead

2018 was a productive, busy year at The Plymouth Community Center and The Plymouth Schoolhouse! To summarize:
 2018 Activities at the CC included: 
* Town-Wide Tag Sale over the Memorial Day weekend, accompanied with the Historical Society & The Plymouth Schoolhouse being open all weekend
* Sunday Yoga Classes with Instructor Dawn Wetzel occur at the CC at various times throughout the year
* The Community Playground and Basketball court are used by children of all ages
* Community Holiday Party accompanied with the Tree Lighting Ceremony occurs in December
* Okemo Valley TV visited the CC during the summer, and created a promo video for us. The link to view it is here: http://okemovalley.tv/plymouth-community-center-promo 
* Community members have utilized the building for private functions such as birthday parties and meetings multiple times (the Plymouth Book Club meets there monthly as well)
* Knitting Classes occurred for a couple of months in early 2018 at the CC
* Applied for and received a $6,000 Building Communities Grant for repair work at the CC in 2019
Schoolhouse Activities in 2018 included: 
* Summer childcare for up to 8 children daily during June-August 2018
* Monthly “Date Night” childcare evenings are held on the 3rd Saturday of the month from 3-7pm
* Local children have celebrated their birthdays in The Plymouth Schoolhouse
* Maddison Cassano was my summer intern, who came from The Community College of Vermont to assist in the summer operation of The Plymouth Schoolhouse
* I applied and obtained a $21,000 Grant through Make Way for Kids to expand the program in 2019
           The Grant is to help hire an employee and purchase equipment for the childcare so it can care for Infants and Toddlers. The State recognizes the utter lack of childcare for infants and toddlers, and is trying to help change that. Having a year round childcare in our Town will be a huge asset and benefit to young, working families. I am grateful to the Town for the opportunity of offering childcare at the CC and with the help of the Grant, will begin keeping it open year-round, starting this summer. (This in turn will allow more money to go back to the Town as far as rent amount.)

-> My rental agreement is that I give 5% of Schoolhouse profits back to the Town. I pay for my own liability insurance for the business and any other costs encountered.
Looking forward into 2019:
The Annual Town-Wide Tag Sale will be held over the Memorial Day Weekend again, so start to gather those extra items that you would like to sell!
There was delay in the repairing of the CC roof, as the selected contractor went out of business and thus withdrew their estimate recently. We are in the process of accepting bids again for repair work. Plans are for work to move forward this Spring.
(No money from the voted on $30,000 has been spent. In addition to the money voted on by the Town to go toward the repairs, I secured an additional $6,000 through a Building Communities Grant to aid in the repairs in October of 2018.)
The Plymouth Schoolhouse will be offering summer childcare for preschool aged children throughout July & August, and then shift into an Infant/Toddler Childcare that will stay open year round. I will be hiring one employee who will be the Classroom Teacher and work with the 4 small children daily.
To schedule using the Community Center Activity room for a meeting or event, contact Lauren Skaskiw-Harootunian at 802 417 6895 or email lskaskiw@gmail.com.
Thank you!
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