Next Chapter for Plymouth Elementary School

When the debate about closing the Plymouth Elementary School came to an end in 2009, town residents and the school board looked towards the future. What would become of the building, which had served the town so well since 1961?

An answer came at the 2010 town meeting, when the town voted to lease the building from the school board for the next five years. After five years the facility would be fully owned by the town and available in case the student population rebounded in the long term and made the school viable again.

At that time, the school board recommended that the town find a way to make use of the building as a community center. A 5-person committee of community members and selectboard, school board and zoning board representatives began meeting in November to find ways to implement that recommendation.

The committee is now embarking on a search for creative entrepreneurs who will utilize the Plymouth Elementary School as a launching pad for good business ideas that engage the local community. The space presents opportunities for multiple uses and a wide variety of businesses. From offices for a nonprofit organization or of a small enterprise, to classrooms for exercise, art, or other instruction, to event space for children, adults and seniors, entrepreneurs of all types could find a home here.

The school is conveniently located on Route 100. There is at least 900 square feet available and the school is wired for high-speed internet.

The committee is also inviting proposals from individuals interested in consulting its members on marketing the building to entrepreneurs and coordinating building operations. The role is part of the overall vision of the town to create economic opportunity and establish a vital community center in Plymouth.

To learn more, contact the committee at

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