Memorial for Dorothy Yates Scheduled for Summer

A memorial service is planned in the summer for Dorothy Ellen Willcox Yates. She died on Christmas Day at Cedar Hill Health Care Center in Windsor Vermont. She was born October 22, 1915 in Montpelier Vermont. Her parents were Julius A. and Annie M. Brown Willcox. She graduated from Rutland High School and Columbia School of Dental Hygiene. December 7, 1935 she married H. Powell “Pat” Yates. Summers of the early 1940s she brought her 3 children to camp at Coolidge State Park. In 1948, she was given her beloved “Red House” on Lynds Hill Rd in Plymouth where she continued to stay summers until she moved to Cedar Hill Health Care Center.

Dorothy was a wonderful neighbor, always cheerful and helpful. She served as a docent at the Union Church at Plymouth Notch, sharing stories of her connection to the early settlers of Plymouth, the Browns, Taylors, and Coolidges. In memoriam, the family requests that you visit the Coolidge Homestead in her honor.

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