Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report

2/28/11 – Margo Marrone’s column sent to VT Standard & copied here with their permission

Plymouth Emergency Services hosted an informative 3 hour training workshop, set up by Al Poirier, to familiarize local departments with the dangers that Methamphetamine Labs pose. Emergency personnel from Cavendish, Mt Holly, Reading, & Weathersfield, Ludlow Ambulance & Ludlow Fire Dept, as well as the Windsor County Sheriff’s Dept attended the session on 2/23 to hear Det Lt Jim Cruise & Lt Reg Trayah from the VT State Police Fire Investigation Unit. This training provided responders with an awareness of the hazards & also knowledge about what to look for & how to respond safely & appropriately.

I also want to alert folks to a problem with 228 numbers here in Plymouth. It rings on the sender’s phone, but not on the receiver’s phone, so you don’t know a call is trying to come through & therefore the answering machine doesn’t pick up when you are not there. All up & down Tyson Road, on Rte 100, & even up the Kingdom Rd the same thing is occurring & has been happening for at least the last few weeks. If you hang up & dial again, it often goes through on the second or third try. Sometimes when I pick up to make a call, there is no dial tone & you have to hang up a few times until the dial tone returns. TDS is working on the problem, but as yet has not solved it. The number for the repair service is 1-888-837-9394.

There will be an Ash Wednesday service at Tyson Church on 3/9 at 5:30 PM for anyone who would like to attend. Kid’s Time, our after school program will be that same day & it will end at 5:00 PM, which will allow the youngsters & parents to attend the church service.

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