Preliminary Town Election Results

On March 1 Plymouth held Australian ballot voting for town officers and elected positions. 167 voters cast ballots on Tuesday.

The preliminary results are as follows:

Thomas Harris: 150 votes

Andrew Crossman: 83 votes
Russ Tonkin: 78 votes
* Note: Russ Tonkin is requesting a recount.

Lister (1 year)
Michelle Pingree: 127 votes

John Wheeler: 149 votes

Trustee of Public Funds
Thomas Marrone: 146 votes

School District Clerk
Barbara Rabtoy: 149 votes

Delinquent Tax Collector
Kathleen Billings: 146 votes

Grand Juror
V. William Jarvi: 150 votes

Town Agent
V. William Jarvi: 148 votes

Cemetery Commission
Andrew Crossman: 141 votes

School Director*
No Candidate
* Note: Only write-in votes received. The town is waiting to hear from the state on the procedure for this.

School Moderator
Thomas Harris: 146 votes

Lister (3 year)
Carol Ackley: 88 votes

Town Treasurer
Barbara Rabtoy: 151 votes

Town Clerk
Barbara Rabtoy: 151 votes

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