Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report

Republished with permission from The Vermont Standard


What fun having Julia Kolwaski, Teresa Steward, & Maddie Dean dance down the aisle waving palms & singing. Ann Rose’s granddaughter, Jacqueline joined them, under the direction of Cheryl Bishop. Also, before our Palm Sunday service, we learned that Rob Buswell passed. His wife, Jane, was the pastor of Tyson Church for over 50 years. Please note that after this article was submitted to the Standard, Jane Buswell passed away on Monday evening.

This is school vacation week for many youngsters both here in VT & elsewhere. My niece & her husband & two children used this opportunity to come up from Sun – Tues to meet Owen! Kathy Lynds daughter Elizabeth & her husband, Dave, are traveling from PA at the end of the week with little Matthew.

Willow & Terry Bascom enjoyed a visit from daughter, Stefanie & her husband, Dan, along with little Marie. They are currently in transit from Germany to Dan’s next military assignment in Missouri. I imagine Bill & Genie Calkins enjoyed the visit, too! The family has been benefiting from the more than 40 lbs of delicious honey that Terry harvested from their bees. Unfortunately, they did not winter over, but not to fear, 3 new colonies have been ordered!

I understand that Eric Johnsen dismantled the Memory Tree recently & his help with that project is greatly appreciated. Just a reminder that donations to the Plymouth Memory Tree Fund can be made any time of the year – PO Box 47, Plymouth, VT 05056. Funds are still available for those in need. Contact info is listed under Area Briefs for Plymouth.

Three of our Plymouth students participated in the performance last week in Woodstock, called “Show Your Stuff”. Jillian Hale was part of the dance group doing “Firework”, Emily Dupont was in a play called “Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late” & Julia Kowalski did a karate demonstration. Kathy Lynds reported that all of them did a wonderful job!

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter & all the blessings it brings

Spring is coming & with it new life,
Yet sometimes I feel burdened – full of strife.
When I attempt to cope on my own
I find myself adrift & all alone;
Then I see the Cross, for Easter is near
And I am reminded that amid anxiety & fear,
I can turn to Jesus & follow His way,
Wrapped in God’s love day after day.

Margo Marrone (4/5/11).

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