40 Participate in Green Up Day 2011

Photo courtesy of Nigel Hollis

Photo courtesy of Nigel Hollis. From left to right: Nigel Hollis, Anne Clarke, Kathy Lynds, Emily Dupont, Mike Clarke, Joyce MacDougall, Eric Johnsen, Elaine Gambone, Anne Brown, (second row), Jim Berkman, Mac Berkman, Julie Dupont, Margo Marrone, Tom Marrone, Bill MacDougall, Jill Davies, Sue Poirier, Al Poirier.

By Elaine Gambone

In our ninth year coordinating Green Up Day in Plymouth, the word from our dedicated volunteers is that the pickup was “light” this year. We lucked out with excellent weather for the morning. Many of us returned to the Fire Station for a pot-luck lunch and to connect and share tales of trash. Between pre and post Green Up Day, we numbered around 40 participants.

Folks with scheduling conflicts are always welcome to join in whenever they can. Green UP bags, t-shirts, and hats can be picked up at Eric and Elaine’s. Call ahead 672-3493. We have organic cotton t-shirts and hats this year, thanks to the generosity of a few Plymouth homeowners. Thanks to everyone, including the elders in our community: Captain Calkins for his outrageous carrot cake, and Liza Ward for her parker house rolls. We are getting to be a pretty tidy town. We left the state highways to the state crews as last year they cleaned them up. Let’s hope they do their role again in keeping Plymouth Green.

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