Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report

Republished with permission from The Vermont Standard


The weather cooperated & we had a busy group of volunteers for Green-Up Day this past Saturday. Thanks to Eric Johnson & Elaine Gambone for organizing it again this year. See Elaine’s write-up for the details! A wonderful potluck lunch capped off the effort. Another community activity to note – weekly yoga classes with Karen Swanson will be starting up again at Good Commons on Tuesdays. Go to or call 672-2555 for more info.

At the recent Tyson Ladies Aid meeting it was decided to help support the History Project at Black River High School, in addition to providing scholarships for both WUHS & Black River. Fundraising will be through the strawberry shortcake sales at the Strawberry Festival (6/22) & also the annual Bazaar (8/13) held in Ludlow, where various baskets & other gifts will be raffled. The Ladies will also be busy handling refreshments for both Evelyn Warren’s celebration of life & Jane & Rob Buswell’s memorial service.

Not being a Facebook user, I was amazed to learn that Mason, one of the two 9 yr old greyhounds belonging to Elaine & Eric, has an account with over 300 friends & they are not all dogs either. It was recently his birthday & greetings came from all over the world! An account has more recently been opened for their other dog, Oscar, who is rapidly catching up with his number of friends.

The Reach Out Luncheon at Tyson Church at 11:00 AM on Thursday, 5/19 with feature artist Don Hofer . The meal will be salmon pea wiggle &/or macaroni & cheese, salad & cake. Call Kathy Lynds (672-3709) to let us know you are coming!

The final Strawberry Festival committee meeting will be Sunday, 5/29 at 4:00 PM at the usual place – the Calkins/Bascom residence on Lynds Hill. The excitement is building for this wonderful community event! More details will follow, but you might be hearing from Willow Bascom, who will be calling around to see who is willing to make salads this year.

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