Strawberry Festival to Support Plymouth Emergency Services and Other Local Community Causes

by Sue Poirier

This year’s Strawberry Festival, held on Wednesday, June 22, will support several great local groups. Broadly speaking, the Raffle supports Tyson Church programs for the community, the Strawberry Dessert Line supports the local work of Tyson Ladies Aid Society, and the Food Line supports Plymouth Emergency Services, Windsor County Youth Services, and scholarships to help Plymouth youth attend Bethany Birches Camp.

Plymouth Emergency Services is made up of both the Fire Department and the First Response team. There are 16 members on the FD and 8 on the FR team. Of those 8, 5 are also on the FD, so the teams have good cross-over training on both sides.

This past year the First Response team went to 31 medical and trauma calls, which includes everything from a slip on the grass to a major motor vehicle accident.  First Responders are all equiped with the ability to give oxygen, stabilize injuries, and do various medical assessments. All volunteers are trained in CPR and the use of automatic defibrilators and every member carries their own AED in case of heart attacks. They have all ungone extensive emergency response training and are required to have continuing education on an ongoing basis in many different areas to maintain their certifications. This year the group is happy to say that they will again be able to offer CPR courses to anyone in the community and area businesses that may need or want that training as they now have a certified CPR instructor as a member.The Fire Department is made up of approximately 16 volunteers who went on approximately 30 calls last year. They respond to everything from carbon monoxide alarms, smoke alarms and chimney fires to motor vehicle accidents, road hazards, and building and wild fires. They also help the first responders extricate patients from vehicles or other entrapments. These men and women undergo extensive training every year to keep up their skills and learn new ones.

The people that make up the Plymouth Emergency Services teams are a dedicated group of residents who put in a lot of their own time to be prepared to help their neighbors in emergency situations no matter what time of day, day of week, or weather conditions. They are not compensated for their time and effort in any way, yet they are proud to be members of the community and wish to give back to help Plymouth remain the wonderful town that it is. Both the Fire and the First Response teams are always eager to have new members join their ranks and would welcome additional members at any time. They will provide appropriate training.

For more information about the Plymouth Emergency Services teams, you can contact Sue Poirier at or 228-3308.

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  1. fixi says:

    did it happen tonight, or is there a rain date?

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