Special Town Meeting, Ladies Aid Bazaar, Reach Out Luncheon, Historical Society Events Upcoming

Plymouth Report by Margo Marrone
Republished with permission from The Vermont Standard

Note from The Plymouth Press: Our apologies for not posting Margo’s 8/1 report last week due to out-of-town travel. Selections from Margo’s earlier report are included in this week’s edition.


We are definitely having summer weather, but those cool VT nights are truly a blessing. The rain held off on Saturday for Old Home Day at the Notch. Although not thronged with people at noon, the Emergency Services BBQ sold out of chicken by the end & the Bake Table did well, too. Thanks for your support!

It seemed like there might have been fewer people in attendance this year, possibly because there were so many other events going on in the surrounding area. Willow Bascom said she had many youngsters stop by, however, to work with her in the barn. She was impressed with the way they were absorbing history in a hand-on way.

The Grace Coolidge Musicale on Sunday with Dr. Susan Cobb & Abigail Charbeneau was wonderful according to Kathy Lynds. Theresa Steward comments that “the four hands sounded like ten people playing” as both of these talented musicians produced such a rich sound on the Grace Coolidge piano. They played in duet music from Mozart, Schubert, & Ziffrin.

Don’t forget the Tyson Ladies Aid Bazaar at Veterans Memorial Park in Ludlow this Saturday, 8/13 from 10:00 until 2:00, with an array of wonderful baskets being raffled & of course, the chicken BBQ for lunch.

The Historical Society will hold their next meeting Sunday, August 14th, at 3:00 PM at their building on Rte 100. Discussion will center around plans for Fall programs & field trips to various historical sites around Plymouth via the “Good Bus.” They welcome new ideas, so feel free to join them & provide your input! The Plymouth Historical Society building will be open the 1st 2 Saturdays in Aug from 11:00 to 1:00.

The Reach Out Luncheon will be next Thurs, 8/18 downstairs in Tyson Church. Our guest will be mystery writer, Wendy Clinch, whose author husband, Jon, joined us earlier this year. Anticipating a warm day, we will have a variety of salads for lunch. Come at 11:00 to listen to Wendy give her presentation. Call Kathy Lynds (672-3709) so we have an idea how much food to prepare!

Tyson Church is gearing up for our “Get-together at Tyson” event on Sunday, 8/28, when we will be having a special service (at our usual time of 10:30 AM) to include folks who have a past history with the church. Lunch will be provided, allowing time to further exchange fond memories & hopefully to make new ones. Of course, everyone is invited, even if this will be your first time coming to the church!

I do apologize for not realizing there was a “Special Selectmen’s Meeting” on Wed, 7/27 at 6:30, which was an unusual day for a Selectmen’s meeting. As far as I know it was not on the on-line calendar at the Town website & I don’t recall seeing it listed in the VT Journal, but after the fact, I have now read the warning that was posted at the Tyson Library. It said the meeting was “to discuss proposed changes to the Proposed Town Plan submitted by the Planning Commission” According to Bill & Betty Jarvi, there were only a handful of townsfolk in attendance, perhaps indicating that not many people were aware of it taking place. Had I known, I certainly would have put it in the column!

For this reason, I am including the warning for the Mon, 8/29 Town Meeting at 7:00 PM to vote on the following article: “Shall the voters of the Town of Plymouth elect to adopt or amend, by Australian Ballot, the Town Plan”. I understand that there are differences of opinion between the Select Board & the Planning Commission, therefore it might be helpful to have input from more residents, so that the issues can be brought to the fore…….

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