August 29 Town Plan Meeting: What Your Vote Means

As a follow up to Margo Marrone’s post of last week, the town meeting on August 29th is to vote on the following article:

“Shall the voters of the town of Plymouth elect to adopt or amend, by Australian Ballot, the Town Plan as provided in 24 V.S.A. §4385 (c).”

The vote on the article at this meeting will be by voice, hand count or paper ballot. If the article is passed, the current proposed plan and all future town plans will be adopted/amended by Australian Ballot.

The meeting on the 29th is NOT to vote on the town plan itself, just the method by which it is adopted. Also, this meeting is NOT a forum for discussing the content of the town plan. A future public hearing called by the select board will be for that purpose. This hearing is required by state statute regardless of the outcome of the vote on the 29th. Once the article is presented, discussion on changing the method of adoption will take place, followed by a vote on the article.

A “yes” vote on this article says that you want the VOTERS to decide if a proposed town plan should be adopted.  A “no” vote means you want the SELECT BOARD to continue to adopt a proposed town plan. In other words, how the town will grow and develop over the next five years, as outlined in the proposed town plan, will be decided either by the voters or the select board, depending on the outcome of the vote on the article.

Your presence is necessary at the meeting on the 29th in order to pass or reject the article and subsequently to have a vote (or not) on the future growth of Plymouth. Please join your neighbors and come out to vote.

Betsy Tonkin

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2 Responses to August 29 Town Plan Meeting: What Your Vote Means

  1. tbascom says:

    Time? Is it @ 7 pm?

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