Birthday Wishes, Town Vote, Travel and More

Plymouth Report by Margo Marrone
Republished with permission from The Vermont Standard


Please note upcoming birthdays on 8/25 for Bob Hayward & Danny Moyer – best wishes! I imagine that Bob will be at the Reach Out Luncheon on 8/18, so come out & wish him an early “Happy Birthday” This will also be your opportunity to meet author Wendy Clinch.

The annual Tyson Ladies Aid Bazaar was held this past Saturday in Ludlow. The funds they raise support Tyson Library, provide scholarships for WUHS & Black River High School, & help to fund many other community needs. This dynamic group of ladies did a wonderful job of making up a wide array of gift baskets & obtaining numerous gift certificates. I was fortunate enough to win a nice box of produce & gift certificates to the Art of Chicken & Killarneys. I guess we will be eating well!

Don’t forget the special guided tour of Calvin Coolidge’s Plymouth Notch with Bill Jenney on Friday, 8/19 at 3:00 PM. Call 672 – 3777 for more information.

I just wanted to try to clarify that the Mon, 8/29 Town Meeting at 7:00 PM is not to discuss or adopt the Town Plan. It is to vote to enable residents to approve the Town Plan, when one is finally determined. To vote on this article, you will need to be present. Usually the Planning Commission works on the Town Plan over an extended period of time, then holds a public hearing to receive input from other people in town. You may recall that in addition to that hearing, a couple of work sessions were held with 2 Rivers Ottaquechee staff in order to help clarify future development ideas for Plymouth.

Once the Plan is submitted to the Select Board, another hearing is held. As it stands now, the Selectmen then decide whether to adopt the Plan. A petition was submitted to instead have the voters make the decision to accept or reject the Plan. If the article is carried, then all of the voters who wish to participate, will have a say through Australian ballot. The Zoning regulations are subsequently adjusted to coincide with the Town Plan, which impacts development in Plymouth. That is probably as clear as mud, but basically, come out & vote!

I recently had a chat with Bob Lambert regarding their 3 and a half week whirlwind trip out west – 9,258 miles! Some of the sights he & Pat visited were: Yellowstone, Flagstone, Nashville & many others. They tented all the way. Sounds like fun & within a reasonable budget, too! Glad to hear that Jen & Jay Flaster had an enjoyable trip to visit family & friends in Seattle & the surrounding area.

For those folks on the south side of town who tend to gravitate toward Ludlow, did you know there is a new dental clinic in Ludlow, located at 8 Main Street? The Open House was last week, but you can call 228-4446 to set up an appointment. Also Smilin’ Steve’s Ludlow Pharmacy has opened in the Okemo Marketplace.

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