Join the Plymouth Press as a Contributing Writer

by Jen Flaster, Editor, The Plymouth Press

Thanks to everyone who has submitted news, committee reports, events and photos to the Plymouth Press. Since we launched the Plymouth Press Online in early March, we have had over 2400 views or about 400 per month!

How can you get published in the Plymouth Press? It’s easy! Send your article or news item to: and copy the Plymouth Press editor at

Important Note: Do not send your post as an attachment! If you want to submit a PDF, image or any other type of file, send that directly to If you have only submitted it to the wordpress account,  it does not come through. Several reports have recently been sent this way and can’t be published because the e-mails are blank when they get to us.

Also Important: Make sure you submit your contact information with your post! We like to give credit to the writer or committee who submits the post and we might need to get in touch if there are any questions or if the post doesn’t come through.

Keep sending in your photos and articles!

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