Plymouth Update – Route 100 Corridor

From Margo Marrone today!

Things are changing minute by minute, so I almost hate to write anything.  Many roads & bridges are open to a degree, but very fragile & temporary.  A number of homes are gone or severely damaged.  Many have mud in their basements & 1st floor.  The town is still split in half, although there is a road up through Hawk that is being restricted to emergency vehicles.  The command post, under Al Poirier is at the Town Building, but there is no power, telephone, computer or cell phone service.

When she can, Sue Poirier is getting over to the south side of town & emailing some of us to disseminate information.  On this end of town, the Marrones (228-5114) are trying to field questions.  Tyson Church will hold service at 10:30 on Sunday & the community may gather there to talk & make plans.  It seems important to meet to check on one another & to determine the needs & resources.   Bottled water is being brought to the church & will be available to those who need it!  I understand that the Salvation Army has brought in supplies.

Please do not just go riding around & discourage others from doing so!  Dublin Road is open, Kingdom Rd below the 4 Corners & above Pollard, Scout Camp Rd lower end also.  Since I cannot communicate with folks in the 672 area, my knowledge of that end of town is sketchy, but I believe there is limited access from parts of 100A & 100 to Rte 4.  From what I understand travel is tenuous at best. The Notch Hill is out of commission.

This is the update from Sue Poirier sent last evening – simply quoting it!  We  have formed a fully functioning emergency incident command system that is taking care of Logistics (Russ & Bobbi Jean), Operations (Jim Allen), Finance (Barb R), Safety (John DuPont), Planning (Ralph Michael), Public Liason and Incident Command (Al Poirier).

The transfer station for trash & recycling plans to operate as usual on Sat from noon – 3:00 for those who can get there.   Taxes deferred until 10/1, which has been a concern for many.

It is heartwarming to see how folks are pulling together.  We have many people with heavy equipment & they are working so everyone can have some type of help.

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5 Responses to Plymouth Update – Route 100 Corridor

  1. Wendy says:

    We live in Birch Landing and have power, phone and internet, and now that the north end of Scout Camp Road is passable, we can even get out! We’re planning to go food shopping in Rutland on Saturday. If anyone needs a ride or wants us to pick up something, let us know. You can reach us at 228-7426

  2. Bud Kafer says:


    Thank you for posting. We were away and could learn nothing of our home, neighbors and friends. Those of us on ‘the outside’ are so sorry for everyone in Plymouth and all os the state. Just incredibly sickening pictures coming out. We did learn from our neighbor yesterday, that our home (built in 1931) has miracuously survived unscathed. We will return when it is Ok to do so. Best and prayers for all.


  3. Robin Bebo-Long says:

    Thank you for the updates! Does anyone know the plan for 100A?

    • Hi Robin –

      We have power crews around our home today and should have power by tomorrow. Not sure what the plan for the road is – haven’t seen anyone from VTrans on the north end of 100A yet.
      – Jen Flaster

  4. W. Bishop says:

    Can anyone tell me the status of the Paille Road bridge across the Black River in Plymouth Union, or the “Mushroom House” on the other side from Rt 100? I understand it washed out last year and had just been replaced.

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