Plymouth Update – Route 100A North end

By Jen Flaster

Jay and I are camped out with internet access in Woodstock today and so glad to hear from Margo Marrone in our last post. The road is out just south of Town Line Road and we hadn’t had any news of anyone beyond Town Line Road until just now.

The brook didn’t reach our home, but a lot of land washed away. The homes just to our north (Walkers and others) washed away and so we’ve been without power or phone south of those lines. CVPS came by just today and we might have power in a week, but the crews are moving fast to repair everything. No news on phone lines. We are able to get all the way to West Lebanon and beyond. Neighbors are helping neighbors up here and it’s been amazing to see how everyone pitches in together.

If anyone has internet or phone, we are receiving e-mails in town and you can leave a message at 672-5074 and we’ll get it. Please share your news and photos and we’ll get it posted here. We’ll be getting some photos from our end of the world posted later today.

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