Thanks from the Bebo-Long Family

On Sunday afternoon my family found itself faced with water overrunning the bridge next to our house on 100A. In a matter of minutes the water was into our yard and up to the house and the basement was flooding. We felt that it was time to leave, and since the water was on the northern side of the road, we went south. We quickly learned that the notch was closed due to a landslide, fearing the water we went for high ground and headed up to Coolidge State Park. The Park Rangers, Bill and Sandy, allowed us to stay in the picnic pavillion on the top of the mountain since it had covered fireplaces and was well away from any potential falling trees. They also checked in on us several times during the afternoon and evening and brought us wood, which went a long way toward keeping us warm. We are grateful for their help.

Later in the evening a man name Detlef appeared out of the night carrying a backpack with sleeping bags and mats for us. (The Rangers had mentioned our plight to him and he took it upon himself to run 4 miles from his home with a bag full of camping supplies for complete strangers.) He cannot possible know how much we appreciated his act of kindness.

On Tuesday we started to walk into Woodstock to reach family. Once again we were assisted by strangers, and would like to thank Nicola Shipman for the ride into town. Now with the help of our family we are able to get back and forth to our home which is cut off to vehicles because of the wash out. We have also met with rescue teams from Springfield who check in with us on Wednesday.

We are deeply indebted to all those who lent a hand and we will do our part to pay it forward. Our losses hardly compare to those who lost their homes, businesses, and loved ones. Our thoughts and prayers are with our friends, neighbors, Vermonters, and all of those who have been affected by Irene.

Thanks again,
The Bebo-Long Family of Plymouth, VT
Robin, Todd, Dakota and Sahara

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