Plymouth Emergency Update – Route 100 Corridor

From Margo Marrone – 10:30PM, September 1

Plans are underway to try to put a dumpster in place in Tyson.  There is a community meeting scheduled for Sat at 10:00 AM at Tyson Church with some of the Emergency Team.  We are hoping to have FEMA forms available at that time.  We have bottled water & instant meals that will be distributed & refreshments will be provided.

I just had a conversation with Steve Woods, Executive Director of the Calvin Coolidge Foundation.  He was able to go to the Coolidge Homestead & wanted folks to know that it is “pristine” up there.  He praised Bill Jenney for vigilantly patrolling the area & making sure that everything is secure.  Nancy Yale at Wilder House is feeding local residents & two helicopters dropped off supplies today.  Water is being provided through a spigot powered by the generator of the Union Christian Church.  Again, everyone is pulling together!

I have just been given word that Hawk personnel have been wonderful during this time, feeding people (with Salvation Army supplies) & checking homes with property management contracts.  Even removing food from refrigerators.  A volunteer  team consisting of Mary Michels, David Dodge, Mike Clarke, Hank Schimpfhauser and Bill & Anne Cherico have been doing exterior inspections at Hawk upon request.  More folks taking care of one another!

Lastly, Michelle Stinson of LPCTV would like pics & would appreciate being allowed to take pictures of historic & tragic event.  This is not an attempt to be nosy, but to document what has happened…..

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1 Response to Plymouth Emergency Update – Route 100 Corridor

  1. Sharon says:

    As my parents are away on vacation, I’d like to get in there to check on their house for them. Any word on how I can get to Plymouth from either Woodstock or Ludlow?

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