Plymouth Emergency Update – Route 100A North End/Bridgewater

From Jen Flaster, 12:30PM, September 2

Power crews showed up in force today on North 100A – we expect to have power from Town Line Road north by tomorrow.

Route 4 is closed to non-emergency vehicles from Bridgewater to Woodstock from 7am to 6:30 pm for road repair. Long Trail is serving free food and has running water, internet and power. That’s where the Plymouth Press is set up today…

This morning we tried to head towards town on Route 100 in West Bridgewater because we heard it was passable, but they wouldn’t let us through. Road crews are working hard in the area. We haven’t seen VTrans on the north end of Route 100A yet.

People are sending in their pics – I’ll have those up shortly… if you have photos, don’t send them to the wordpress account!! Send them to and if you do send to the wordpress account,  include your name and e-mail address in anything you post or it can’t be posted. Thank you!!!

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