Plymouth Update – 9/3 Route 100A North +

From Jen Flaster

Route 100 just before Hawk by Jim Nielsen

Last night we regained power and phone about 8pm. The power is now running from Town Line Road and to home on 100A north of Town Line.

We still haven’t really seen any road crews on this north side of 100A, but CVPS is here working again today. Yesterday I spoke to and then later saw(!) Bobbi Lynds, who is part of the emergency team and was somehow able to drive down through Hale Hollow (which is still not a true through route) by truck. Bobbi said that the roads are really in bad shape and that’s why access is still so limited. She said she thought they would be sending road crews up 100A from the south. Route 100 was closed coming from W. Bridgewater yesterday and I expect it will be again today. Route 4 is closed from Bridgewater to Woodstock as well today, but we drove North Bridgewater to Cox District, which is under repair, and got through to Woodstock (and West Leb!) last night. We also just heard this morning that Route 4 is open to local traffic who need to get through.

Bobbi let me know that there is a great crew of people organizing down in Plymouth at the Municipal Building. ABLE is using its trucks to repair roads and everyone else with big equipment is lending it to the effort. Julie Dupont is organizing volunteers, Melissa Lynds is organizing communications through the post office. Terry and Willow Bascom have past experience with Hurricane Floyd and will be helping out with the aftermath of the storm and the impacts on people that we don’t yet know about. Bobbi also shared that the Mennonite Disaster Management Services would be sending in people to help with FEMA paperwork and other post-storm needs.

Keep sending in information and pictures and we’ll keep publishing it!!

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3 Responses to Plymouth Update – 9/3 Route 100A North +

  1. Karen Bruyn says:

    Jen…many thanks for the updates, we are not in Plymouth now, but anxious to get home when we are able.
    Karen Bruyn (off 100A, Bruyn Rd)

  2. Bill Cherico says:


    I thought this morning’s meeting was both useful and informative. Here are some suggestions in furthering the cause of communication and updating the public:

    1) Skype Conference Calling
    2) FaceBook/Twitter blogging ( the links are right on this page!)
    3) Utilize LPCTV to provide updated information and broadcast in the area(i.e. Ralph Pace & Leo Graham,etc).
    4) Have summary update statements prepared to be announced at the end of religious services at the Tyson Church, Coolidge Center Community Church and Visitors Center , and at both Annunciation and HolyName of Mary Catholic Churches in Ludlow and Proctorsville.
    5) Link your page to the Plymouth Town website.

    As you “weave and stitch the fabric” together the “whole quilt” comes into view. The point is multiple and frequent communication streams will provide frequent information, cut down on road traffic, and calm anxieties and fears in the days ahead.

    Bill Cherico

    • Bill – Can you summarize what was said at the meeting? We are on the “outside” and have no updates from town. We should be posting notes from the meetings here as well. Thanks!!

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