Communications Request + Facebook Group

Reposted Comment from Jon Clinch

The township order regarding travel on Route 100 has made meetings at the Town Hall inaccessible to residents below Rocky Road. In the interest of public safety and clear communications, I’d ask on our behalf that any materials made public at such Town Hall meetings be provided to us both via the internet and via posting at the church.

Additionally, the Facebook group Rebuild Okemo Valley is an active location for sharing regional information. While we’re waiting for the development of the Plymouth Recovery News site, this can help get things done. People there are already talking about issues concerning Plymouth. Its address is as follows — I would be willing, and in fact eager, to establish such a group for Plymouth. It’s simple and easy and free. In the meantime, piggy-backing on the successful Rebuid Okemo Valley group is one good way to get things done NOW.

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2 Responses to Communications Request + Facebook Group

  1. Jon – We were thinking the same thing. If you want to set it up, go for it! Can you repost the Plymouth Press posts on the Facebook page you create?

  2. Jon Clinch says:

    Done. The address is

    You have to join the group to post, although anyone can see posts. As far as I can tell, any member can approve requests to join. I’ll try to stay on top of that, but I don’t think there’ll be any problem.

    Meanwhile, I have already posted the most recent Emergency Management Team Update.

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