Emergency Management Team Update: Sunday, September 4, 2011

Submitted by Sue Poirier at 10:50AM, Sunday, 9/4

URGENT:  We have been monitoring the weather and there are two issues:

  • heavy rains are expected starting mid morning tomorrow through Wedesday (1/2 – 2”);
  • there is a chance of thunder storms late tonight.

An evacuation plan was developed.  Highlights include:

Three (3) centers will be opened and people assigned to centers by the area in which they live.  All centers will be manned with Emergency Management Team members.  Centers have blankets, cots, food, water and personal essentials.

In this current crisis, should anyone feel nervous about existing conditions they are welcome to go to either the Town Hall (for everyone north of Rocky Rd) or the Inn at Waters Edge today, Sunday from noon on.

Road Update:

  • 100A will not be able to have full access to Rte 4 Bridgewater for a long time .
  • Hale Hollow is currently limited access only.  Bridgewater will provide mutual aid for EMS and fire.
  • Kingdom Rd. is currently closed.
  • Shrewsbury Rd. is closed
  • Scout Camp Rd access – only through the Hawk entrance


  • Remind everyone to be polite esp. with high stress level.
  • The Mennonite Disaster Service is planning to come tomorrow (sun). There will probably be about 5 or 6 people for the week.
  • Supply guidelines – please take only what you need
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1 Response to Emergency Management Team Update: Sunday, September 4, 2011

  1. Russ Tonkin says:

    Water testing will be available next week and Russ will provide assistance and hopefully test kits.

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