Notes from 9/3 Meeting at Tyson Church

Notes provided by Wendy Clinch. Some of this has been previously reported, some is new information.

Plymouth Emergency Update – 9/3/11
We held two information/update meetings today: one at the Tyson Church and another one at the town hall. We brought our Tyson/Kingdom neighbors up to date on things that have been established and also were able to address some of their questions. Road updates, logistics updates and Q & A was reviewed. For expediency, notes from both meetings are below:

o Tyson/Kingdom folk voiced a desire to establish one or two bulletin boards similar to the one in town hall for information sharing, updates, forms and sign up lists.
§ Action: Determine location and number of bulletin boards.

o Action: The Tyson group will get back to the Emergency Management team about whether they would like to have their own ‘town meeting’ and the frequency of those meetings while the temporary roads are under construction.

o A website is being developed to help facilitate communications. The website should be up and running by Monday.

o A timeline for road improvements cannot be determined right now. There are many stop gap repairs that need to be done (49 major repairs were noted by State officials) just to assure we have access to the outside world and each other. These repairs are temporary and permanent fixes will start when the critical issues are addressed.

o Outside resources were requested from many sources (including the National Guard, the State, outside contractors, volunteers, opening of previously closed gravel pits etc.) to assure that things progress as quickly as possible.

o We have made tremendous progress improving our access to the outside world and within our own boundaries. Progress includes creation of ‘Rocky Rd I’ and the start of ‘Rocky Rd II’ which allow us at least limited access north and south of Plymouth. The State started work on Rocky Rd II which follows a more direct path along Rte 100. We hope to have it operational by Monday. Traffic may be controlled by use of a traffic light. This temporary road will be in place until a permanent two lane road along ‘the gap’ on Rte 100 can be built.

o Rte 100A is still closed.

o Kingdom Rd is now passable by 4wd vehicles.

o Rte 100 N is open to Rte 4 for 4wd vehicles at restricted times. All non emergency traffic along Rte 4 from Bridgewater to Woodstock is prohibited from 7 am to 6:30 pm.

o Access north of Hawk Resort is restricted by passes issued to residents in 4wd vehicles only during certain times. Contractors hired by home owners to help with repairs will be admitted as well. During this weekend we have hired a sheriff from Sat. 8am to Mon. 8 am to assist with access limitations. Pass access will continue at least through Labor Day Weekend. Traffic check points are being manned by town volunteers and assisted by police when necessary and available.

o As temporary road repairs are being made, we will be working with the Agency of Natural Resources to assess any possible effect of re-routing brooks.

· The weather is constantly being monitored as a risk for further damage and safety. An evacuation plan is being developed and will be discussed at the town meeting to be held Sunday at 11:00 in the town hall.

· An electrician is in town to help triage electrical issues. Anyone needed electrical evaluation should so indicate on the damage assessment/needs list and/or tell an Emergency Management team member today.

· Until road access has been significantly improved, the town hall will be manned 24/7 in case of emergency.

· Emergency supplies have been received which include food, water, cots, blankets, radios to assist with crew/volunteer/management communications, personnel supplies, pet food, baby products. Supplies will be provided to shelters in case of need to evacuate.

· ‘Fast trash’ pick up is as usual at the town hall AND a dumpster has been made available in the Tyson Church/Echo Lake Inn parking lot today between 12 – 3.

· Power has been restored to most residence as well as phone and internet.

· Non leaded gas distribution for generators will be on an as needed basis going forward.

· Cleaning kits provided by the Salvation Army are now available for those that need them. They are at the town hall.

· The Mennonite Disaster Team will be coming in to help all residents who are in need of personal assistance such as filling out forms and other personal issues.

Water: If your well was covered by flood water or standing water, use bottled water or boil it until you can get your water tested. If in doubt, call Russ Tonkin at the town and he’ll advise you. Russ has ordered water testing kits from the State.

· If you have not paid your taxes yet there will be no penalty in getting your taxes in late as long as they are in by Oct. 1.

· The president has approved our State status as ‘state of emergency’. As a result we will be considered for both town and individual FEMA aid. FEMA information is available in hand-outs.
o Action: All residents sustaining property damage need to call FEMA to register with them asap.

· Damage reports: Please take pictures to document any property damage you may have sustained because of the storm BEFORE you start repairs. These forms and pictures need to be collected asap for submission to FEMA.

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4 Responses to Notes from 9/3 Meeting at Tyson Church

  1. Wendy says:

    I’m afraid someone else needs to take credit for this. I was incorrectly named as the person who took notes.

    Can someone tell us if Kingdom Road is open or closed? The sign at the bottom says “Road Closed,” so I’m confused. If it’s open, how far is it open to?

  2. Diane Kemble says:

    Hello Everyone,
    I have been following the challenges you have faced over the past week and the incredible organization and caring that comes out of your posts. I did not realize the damage to the Plymouth area until I saw your photos a few days ago. I’m the Education Director at the Coolidge Foundation and usually travel those roads a few times a week. I am safe and sound in Springfield and would be happy to help if I can. If there are outside supplies I can deliver (as close as I can with a little car-someone could meet me) other errands of that nature, or any way I could help, please contact me. Best Wishes.
    Diane Kemble

  3. Margo Marrone says:

    Thanks, Wendy – concise & helpful reporting of the facts

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