Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report – Week of 9/12

From Margo Marrone
Republished with permission from The Vermont Standard


The sun is shining & work is progressing all through town.  As I write, Tom & Steve Heilner are doing our permanent (hopefully) driveway repairs.  It was nice to see Larry Lynds last evening & note that he is looking a bit more rested.  So many areas of town were chewed up.  The gap in Rte 100 has certainly been a major area of concentration, but he is concerned with all of the roads & has been trying to make sure that everyone has some egress, albeit temporary in some places for the moment.  Thanks to our town crew & to all of the others who have been working so hard to make our roads passable & safe.  There are so many, I don’t dare even try to name them!

Authority for the town is now back with the Selectmen, since we have left emergency mode & are now in the recovery phase.  Many thanks to Al Poirier & the Emergency Services Team for all their hard work.  The Town office has been returned to its normal function.  Please note that there will be a town meeting on Saturday, 9/17 at 2:00 PM.

The former school building is now a wonderful Plymouth Recovery Center manned by volunteers who can assist with many services.   Assistance with FEMA forms, needs & those who can help are listed (including who needs help with cleanup), & any number of other resources are available.  According to Bill Cherico, FEMA applicants should have the following information on hand:  the address of the damaged property, names of people living in the household, damage description or summary, any insurance info, contact telephone #,  mailing address, SS#, direct deposit banking info to include account # & type, routing #.

Please note these two resources that can be accessed by computer to help keep you up-to-date of what is going on around town.  You can glean considerable information by subscribing to the Plymouth Press on-line ( & actually have new postings come right to your inbox!  Also, the official town website is

The Memory tree is accepting donations & will help to disburse funds to those in need. There is a group in town now that is helping to coordinate fundraising efforts for the Memory tree recovery fund.  A mailing is about to go out that will provide the details.  You can call Elaine Gambone at 672-3493.  Donations may be channeled through the 501(c)(3) organizations who have partnered with the Plymouth Memory Tree: Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Inc. PO Box 39 Bridgewater, VT 05034 or Church of Our Saviour PO Box 67 Plymouth, VT 05056. Tyson Church is also willing to funnel funds to those in need – 39 Dublin Rd, Ludlow, 05149

Please note that I am writing this on Monday, so by Thursday, things may have changed!  Currently traffic on Rte 100 through town is restricted to those with homes here or those working here.  As yet, our roads are still rather fragile & work is still progressing, so driving on them is not being monitored.  Although the Historic Site suffered no damage, Bill Jenney tells me that they are closed until travel is feasible.  Please call him at 672-3773 for the latest update on activities.

I walked down to Scott Terrace on Saturday to view the damage.  As with so many other places, little brooks became raging rivers.  They were inundated by the stream & the lake.  There were stories of heroism & near fatalities with folks trying to take care of each other.  Again & again as I talk with people who sustained loss, there is a sense that it could have been worse, gratefulness for the help of others, & an optimism about the future.

We had a wonderful supper at Tyson Church on Tues, 9/6 with about 40 people in attendance.  It was a time to share delicious food, swap stories, & to thank & encourage one another.  I imagine that was the same scenario at the many meals served at the Town building.  We will have the monthly Reach Out Luncheon at the church on Thurs, 9/15.

Laurence at the Echo Lake Inn wanted his thanks conveyed to all the folks who assisted with getting the Inn back in shape.  A wedding did take place there this weekend.    I know that Hawk is gearing up for one next weekend because I am officiating at it!

The  Vetrano Family and the Echo Lake Inn
cordially invite Debbie’s friends to
a tree planting service to commemorate
the life of Debbie Vetrano.

A short reception will follow at the inn.
Sunday, Sept. 18, 2011
3:00 PM
Echo Lake Inn
2 Dublin Road
Tyson, VT  15149
802 228 8602

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