Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report

Republished with permission from The Vermont Standard


The recent saga of Plymouth should most certainly be documented, but there is quite a bit of history in our small town. Be part of learning more about it by attending the first meeting of the year of the Plymouth Historical Society, to be held on Sunday, Feb. 5th at 3:00 at Spike’s Snowmobile Center on Route 100A. Discussion will include planning upcoming activities & considering a new slate of officers. I understand that Melissa Lynds, who did an outstanding job, has decided to step down as president. Everyone is glad that she still plans to stay involved!

There is mixed news from Tyson Church this week. The generous contributions received at the Candlelight Service brought in $500 for the fuel assistance fund at Black River Good Neighbor Services. On a sad note, however, Carleton Harlow passed away suddenly on 1/6 from complications following surgery. The Memorial service will take place on Sat, 1/14 at 11:30 at the church. The luncheon, organized by Tyson Ladies Aid, will be held at the home of Ann & Doug Rose.

There seem to be a number of events taking place during the approaching holiday weekend, but please consider putting the Emergency Services spaghetti dinner at the Town Building on your calendar for Sat evening – 5:00 – 8:00 PM!

It may not be necessary, but in light of that horrible fire in CT recently, just wanted to remind folks on behalf our Emergency Services personnel, to please dispose of ashes properly. Paper bags are not a safe receptacle & leaving them on a wooden deck is asking for trouble, even where it appears that the embers are out.

I recall the story of a friend of mine years back. A spark from her fireplace hit an overstuffed chair when they moved the screen to add a log to the fire. They poured a considerable amount of water on the chair, but she was still nervous & insisted that the chair be place outside in the driveway, away from the house. In the morning, only ashes remained!

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