Information Needed About Irene Rainfall in Plymouth Area

From George Springston

I’m a geologist at Norwich University and I am studying the impacts that Tropical Storm Irene had on Vermont’s rivers. As part of the study I’m compiling an improved map of rainfall totals. I’ve started with the information that the National Weather Service has put together and I’ve pulled in a wide range of data from online sources, wastewater treatment plants, and citizens. However, there are still many towns in central and southern Vermont where I have not been able to find any rain gauge information. In the Plymouth area I’m missing data from Plymouth itself, as well as Bridgewater, Killington, Mount Holly, Reading, and Weston.

If you have rain gauge records for the storm and are willing to share them, please let me know. I’ll need the storm total, the location, the type of rain gauge, and your contact information.

If anyone has questions, I’ll be glad to explain further. You can reach me at 802-454-1220 or”

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