Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report

Republished with permission from The Vermont Standard


My goodness what delightful, warm days on Saturday & Sunday. Some major melting going on! Of course, by the time the paper goes to print we will be back in the deep freeze again. Oh, well, it is February in VT. From our travels south, we can consider ourselves fortunate because we have competent road crews & the needed equipment to handle winter, plus folks with experience in driving in all kinds of weather! Some visitors unfamiliar with the dangerous segment of Rte 100 just north of the Union have slipped off the road lately, so be aware that it can be particular slippery there.

Dorothy & Roger Pingree, Betty Ann & Bob Hayward are pictured with Captain Claude Weyant from the Windsor County Sheriff’s Dept at the Reach Out Community Luncheon on 2/20 downstairs at Tyson Church.

Dorothy & Roger Pingree, Betty Ann & Bob Hayward are pictured with Captain Claude Weyant from the Windsor County Sheriff’s Dept at the Reach Out Community Luncheon on 2/20 downstairs at Tyson Church.

What a treat to have Captain Claude Weyant from the Windsor County Sheriff’s Dept as the speaker at the Reach Out Luncheon last week. He provided some interesting tips for home & personal safety, such as thinking like a would-be criminal. He mentioned how walking around our homes can help us to recognize potential points of entry that perhaps needed to be protected.

Since about 40% of burglaries take place because of unlocked places, it is important to secure doors & windows, plus not leave keys in obvious places. He also suggested creating the illusion that someone is at home, especially if you plan to be away for any length of time. We were glad that neighbors were able to collect the mail, plow & shovel while we were gone.

I have always wanted to have home safety checks available in Plymouth as we did in Windsor with the Safe Steps program. Things like proper lighting, especially near steps; securing of scatter rugs; using decals or tub mats to prevent slipping; exercising the proper & safe use of extension cords; having a buffer area around the stove – all help to keep us safe.

Mark your calendar for Sunday, 3/2 for Family Day at the Coolidge Museum & Education Center from noon until 4:00 PM. Enjoy the exhibit: “More Than Two Words”: The Life & Legacy of Calvin Coolidge. Old-time movies will be shown in front of the fireplace. From noon until 2:00 PM there will also be hands-on activities for all ages. Coolidge Quest will provide a chance to be outside & explore historic Plymouth Notch. From 2:00 to 4:00 PM you can enjoy some refreshments & learn more about how this wonderful site was developed. This is a joint effort with the VT Division for Historic Preservation. If the weather is inclement, it will all happen on 3/9. Call 802-672-3389 for more information.

Just to let you know that there will be a book club meeting on Thurs 3/27 at 6:30 PM, as that seemed to be the best time for those who initially responded to the idea. It will take place at Community Center, where all are encouraged to bring a favorite book or one you would like to have others read. For future times, a book can be chosen for all to read & discuss. I am really excited about this venture – thanks to Betsy Tonkin & the others who have helped to pull it together!

Lastly, a reminder about Town Meeting at 7:00 PM on Monday, 3/3 where voters can discuss the town budget & other such matters. Don’t forget that some issues are voted upon at this meeting, so come take part. You never know where the discussion might lead! Other voting, by Australian ballot, happens on Tues, 3/4, with polls open from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. The Town Report is available at Town Hall & on-line. Especially in our small town – your vote counts!

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