Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report

Republished with permission from The Vermont Standard


The lovely sunshine was deceiving on Sunday as Karen Evans & I walked, but the wind was brisk & tried to remind us that spring isn’t here yet. Yet just as we were lamenting that fact, we saw a robin fly into a nearby apple tree – yeah, there is hope!

The Reach Out Luncheon downstairs at Tyson Church is this Thursday. These monthly gatherings, co-sponsored by Tyson Ladies Aid are a great way chase the winter blues. Of course, they are held all year long on the 3rd Thursday (except June & Dec), so consider joining the fun. The meal is free & there usually is a speaker.

Two people known to our community have recently passed on. Condolences go out to their families. Some of you may remember Russell Thompson who used to live on Dublin Rd. He worked at the Woodstock Correctional Facility & was also postmaster in Proctorsville for a time. He was married to Eileen Holland’s mom, Dawn. Since her passing, he had lived with his daughter & he passed on 2/25.

Also, Alice Tepper passed away 3/14 after many years of suffering with Alzheimer’s disease. In times past, she attended Tyson Church when she & her family were at the family compound on the Kingdom Road. She was a delightful lady & our sympathy goes out to her devoted husband, Jim.

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