In Memoriam, Bill & Genie Calkins

Captain William C. Calkins of Lynds Hill Road died on July 6, 2014 at the age 85. Bill was born in Flushing, NY and grew up in both Flushing and Marion, MA, where he attended Tabor Academy. After graduation, Bill joined the Navy as an ordinary seaman, and saw brief service at the end of World War II. Following his military service, he attended and graduated from Massachusetts Maritime Academy with a Master of Steam and Motor Vessels, Any Tonnage. He was commissioned, and worked his way up to Captain of Any Tonnage vessels while serving on various oil tankers plying the world’s oceans. In 1960 he became a Port Pilot in Ras Tanura, moving his young family to Saudi Arabia. In 1968 he transferred to the Panama Canal where he began as a Transit Pilot and eventually went ashore to serve in several capacities. After stints as an Assistant Port Captain and the Chief of Local Inspectors, he became the Chief of the Panama Canal Navigation Division. He retired in 1986 and settled into his house in Plymouth.

Bill died at home, in the presence of his only child, Willow Bascom. He was predeceased by his wife, A. Eugenie (Genie) Calkins (nee Tripp) of Wareham, MA, who died at home on August 29, 2012, at the age of 84. Genie was a Registered Nurse (RN) with an adventurous spirit who accompanied her husband to Saudi Arabia and Panama while continuing to work as a nurse.  Genie took advantage of her years overseas to explore the world; she and young Willow explored widely through Africa, the Middle East, India, Europe, the Far East, and Central and South America. They visited many famous destination spots, and discovered gems off of the normal tourist’s itinerary.

In addition to their daughter, Bill and Genie are survived by their son-in-law, the Rev. Terry Bascom, as well as three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. In accordance with their request, Bill and Genie will be interred together in a private family ceremony at the Plymouth Notch Cemetery.

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1 Response to In Memoriam, Bill & Genie Calkins

  1. Lee says:

    A life well lived. God speed as he rejoins his true love. Condolences.

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