Update from State Rep Alison Clarkson

FROM: Alison Clarkson
DATE: 17 November 2014

Many thanks to the voters in Plymouth, Reading and Woodstock for re-electing me to be your State Representative in the Vermont Legislature. I am honored to have this job and deeply appreciate the opportunity to serve our community.

Over the last 3 months, I’ve visited 1,887 homes in an attempt to touch base with as many constituents as possible. Thank you for welcoming me and sharing your concerns. ‘Door to door’ campaigning gives you the opportunity to know me better and gives me a real sense of the people I represent, where and how they live. I enjoyed seeing old and meeting new friends in each town I serve and celebrating some of the high moments in each community from Plymouth’s Strawberry Festival to Reading’s Fourth of July celebration and Woodstock’s Chili Cook Off.

Many issues surfaced during my ‘door to door’ conversations with you – education cost, quality and funding/property tax, Vermont’s Health Connect/Exchange and health care reform efforts, high-speed internet access, affordable housing, drug related crime and drug addictions, labeling of food, speed on our highways, rumble stripes, environmental protection and economic development. I will approach these challenging issues better informed as a result of your input.

I extend enormous gratitude to my dedicated and talented ‘kitchen cabinet’, to the 36 people who drove or walked with me ‘door to door’, to those kind enough to ‘host’ a lawn sign, to those who helped with mailings, to those generous donors who financed my 2014 campaign, and to my family: Oliver, Ward and William for their patience, fortitude, and good humor during campaign season. Thanks also to the Vermont Standard, for its local campaign coverage, for its lively letters and columns, and for the honor of its endorsement.

Alison Clarkson
Vermont State Representative
Plymouth, Reading & Woodstock

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