Holy Week Happenings – Margo Marrone’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard.

(My sincere apologies in posting this  report so late in the week. My own schedule has been excessive. –Terry Bascom, occasionally efficient substitute editor.


Tom and I traveled to Windsor last Saturday evening to pick up his mom.  Guess what – not much snow over there!  We definitely are in a snow zone here in Plymouth.  This year has been predicted to be a particularly nasty mud season, but a walk Sunday afternoon along the dirt road by Farm and Wilderness proved to be fairly dry.  Still waiting for the snow to leave our driveway, so we can determine how long we will need to park at the bottom and walk up….

Heartfelt sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Michael Bagley Jr, who was killed on 3/22 in a tragic snowmobile accident in Coolidge State Park.  His picture in the paper last week with his son, Hunter, born 3/11/15 was taken the day before the incident.  Please keep Sarah Kaminski and her other son, Nick in your prayers.

Jarvi & Friends Luncheon

Jarvi & Friends Luncheon

Joan Day & Bill Jarvi

Joan Day & Bill Jarvi

Joan Day planned a wonderful luncheon the other day for Bill Jarvi and invited some neighbors and friends to join the party.  She prepared a number of his favorite dishes.  It was a delightful time!

We had a very interesting Book Club meeting last Thurs to discuss What Came After with author Jon Clinch.  It is always fun to ask questions and to learn how the plot was conceived and developed.   Our next book is Still Alice with our meeting planned for 5/7.

I suspect that many members of Tyson Ladies Aid have been doing some baking lately in anticipation of the Good Friday Bake Sale at the Shaws shopping center in Ludlow starting at 9:00 AM on 4/3.  Pies, cakes, and all manner of goodies will be on sale.  Funds that are raised help with meeting community needs, including scholarships for graduating seniors at both Black River High School and Woodstock Union High School.  Come out and support this effort and return home with some luscious treats, but get there early for a good selection.

Please consider joining us at Tyson Church for our Maundy Thursday supper at 5:30 PM and service at 6:30, where we will share in Holy Communion.  All are invited to our Easter Resurrection on Sunday, 4/5 at 10:30 AM.  It appears there will be several children in attendance and we look forward to sharing a special story with them.

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