Birthdays, Debate, and Barbecues — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard


In case you wondered what happened to my column last week – we were away on vacation!  Visited with family and friends from VT to NC.  Had a nice overnight with Jim and Aldine Musser and saw pictures of their 2 month old grandson, born to daughter Sheri and her husband.  Crystal was married since we last visited and Melody was due home from Burundi for a visit.  Some of you may remember David DiBiasi, formerly of Tyson.  Well, we stayed with him and his wife one night as well!

Come to the Reach Out Luncheon downstairs in the Community Room at the church to hear our speaker, Todd Menees at 11:00 AM, then enjoy our meal of baked BBQ chicken, rice, green bean casserole, salad and dessert.

A bit behind on birthdays this month, so belated best wishes to Josie Flaster (7/2), Cindy Summer (7/5) and Mark Savery (7/12).  You still have time to congratulate Tina Verdrager (7/28), Bea Wheeler (7/30) and Carolyn Scott (7/31).

Welcome, Susie Faith Bergey!

Welcome, Susie Faith Bergey!

Congratulations to Amber and Brandon Bergey on the 7/2 birth of Susie Faith.  It really seems like an amazing time for babies in our town and we welcome all of them!

Consider joining the Coolidge Foundation course on 8/3 and 8/4 on  Bookmaking with Primary Sources: Out of the Files and Into our Imaginations.  The activities will focus on projects that children or adults could make or use to connect primary sources to their own lives, areas of interest, or classroom study.  Also, I understand that judges may still be needed for the 7/25 Debate Day.

Just so you can mark your calendar ahead of time, the 105th annual Tyson Ladies Aid Bazaar is scheduled for Sat, 8/8 from 10-2 on the green in Veteran’s Park, Ludlow.  It will include all the usual Chicken BBQ, Fantastic Basket Raffle, Bake Sale, and Book Sale.  More details to follow!

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