Okemo – Jackson Gore Ski Trail Plans for Christmas Week

I received this from the Okemo Valley Area Chamber of Commerce last night, who received it on December 19th from Bruce at Okemo, to share with the broader community.

Okemo Logo EuroThe Okemo snowmakers are working hard and the temperatures look like they will be cooperating thru the weekend.  We have a very aggressive plan to be executed. Snowmaking has been strong and many objectives were met.  Below are some highlights and information on where we are, where we are headed and the Crystal ball of the future

 Snowmaking has been going on since Friday afternoon.  The objectives are to work on some of the existing terrain while at the same time heading into new territory.  Our plan is to run as many snow guns as possible with the temperatures that we have.  With Saturday night being the coldest night we fully anticipate having up to 200 guns running across the resort.  Okemo is working hard to have the Jackson Gore base area open by Monday.  We can assure our loyal guests that the entire Okemo team is laser focused to making this happen.

Our snowmaking plan continues to be to make snow on trails that will be for the good of many. What this means is that we will work on trails many people can ski and ride, we will be staying away from expert trails, we won’t be working on terrain park trails, but will put out rails and hits on existing terrain, and we will work to spread out across the mountain.

 Once we get the Jackson Gore area open our anticipated trail count will be around 25. With these trails we will have 8-10 lifts operating during the holiday week.

 Our Terrain park features will be on the upper section of Sapphire.  Okemo is committed to having some aspects of our terrain parks on the side of the Sapphire trail so all our guests can enjoy what they want on the slopes

 There will be a shuttle service between Jackson Gore and the slopes until the Jackson Gore Base area is opened. This shuttle service will be operating through the day to move skiers and riders as needed.  Okemo will also be enhancing our shuttle service through the Christmas Holidays in the Solitude condominiums and Solitude Single Family homes areas.

 Round House – Open for the season on 12/19                  *Sushi station opening 12/27

Coleman Brook Tavern – Open for the season for Lunch and Dinner

Epic – Open for the season                                                *Epic Deli opening 12/19                 *Epic Starbucks  – Opening 12/28

Sugar house – Open 12/26                                                *Smokey Jo’s – Opening 12/19    *Sugar House Tia noodle station – Open 1/04

Siena – Open for dinner 12/18 & 19. Winter Holiday schedule after Christmas

Base Starbucks – Open 12/26

Summit Vermont Pizza & Sky Bar– Open 12/26               *Jump Asian Cuisine Open 12/28

Sitting Bull Vermont Pizza – Open  12/28

The ticketing kiosks located at the base of the Sunburst as well Solitude will be opening after Christmas.  Until that time guests will need to go down to the Jackson Gore base area or the Clocktower base area for their tickets. Guests with Real.Easy cards who have registered them can load tickets on their cards on line and go direct to the lifts.  A great suggestion for those who are not near a ticket location.

The long range forecast if for milder weather to return after the weekend and go through Christmas Eve.  Around Christmas it is looking like some colder weather will be in place for hopefully some snowmaking.

Our plan moving forward with the next cold snap will be to shore up any existing terrain challenges and then heads towards another trail in Solitude, Wardance or lower Chief, and look at some lodging trails such as Sachem or some in the Solitude area.  We also will begin heading toward South Face with Count Down, Sprint, Moments rest on the list.  This will happen when the next long term cold spell arrives.

  Iknow these challenges have not been easy on anyone, but a large part of the battle is remaining positive and optimistic.  Negativity is contagious, but optimism will change attitudes and bring about a vision that things will be better.  Our guests believe in Okemo.

Bruce Schmidt
Vice-President & General Manager
Okemo Mountain Resort (twitter.com/okemogmwww.okemo.com)

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