Reach-Out Luncheon Today; Islam Education Event Sunday — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard

Dorothy & Roger Pingree, Betty Ann & Bob Hayward are pictured with Captain Claude Weyant from the Windsor County Sheriff’s Dept at the Reach Out Community Luncheon on 2/20 downstairs at Tyson Church.

Blast from the Past: Dorothy and Roger Pingree, Betty Ann and Bob Hayward are pictured with Captain Claude Weyant from the Windsor County Sheriff’s Dept at the Reach Out Community Luncheon on 2/20/14 at Tyson Church.


It is always interesting to see the title given by the VT Standard staff to my weekly articles.  I guess last week I might have used something like Come Learn More About Islam.  In any case, that is what we hope to happen with our guests on Sunday 4/24, when Mijidah and Ahas Coburn will join us and participate in our 10:30 Worship service, then stay for a potluck lunch and question time.  We welcome guests, but would appreciate knowing how many are staying for lunch, so please email me!

Don’t forget that Thurs, 4/21 is the Reach Out Luncheon in the Community Room of Tyson Church.  Whereas last month we had a rousing time with fiddle music by Adam Boyce, this time we will have a surprise creative pursuit.  The menu is roast pork with mashed potatoes.  Of course there will be other sides and dessert.

Just to let you know, both Dorothy and Roger Pingree are currently in Mountain View, 9 Hayward Avenue in Rutland, 05701, in case you are over that way or would like to send a card.  Glad to hear that Tom Ellis is back home after a time of rehab from his ski accident!

Folks may be aware that there was a brush fire in the Union over the weekend.  It rapidly got away from the homeowner and our Fire Department responded, plus requested help from Ludlow.  The steep terrain made it difficult to contain.  Thanks to all of those who worked hard and brought it under control.

A reminder that burn permits are required and Joe Rebideau (672-5148) is our Fire Warden, from whom permission is needed.  Although we have recently had some rain, things are still a bit dry and there is a statewide high fire watch.  The gusty winds have certainly been making burning hazardous as well.

Lastly, I have been told that something will be happening as far as Green Up is concerned.  The special bags are available from the Town Clerk or at Plymouth Fast Trash, so folks can get started with the cleanup effort.  In the past we have gathered on the 1st Saturday in May and I am awaiting word about whether it will be organized in that same way again this year.  Stay tuned……

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