June Doings in Plymouth — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard

Opening New Road at F&W (2016)

Nellie the Goat helps to open the newly routed main road at Farm and Wilderness camp.


Well, another Strawberry Festival has come and gone.  The morning rain gave way to a lovely day and lots of folks turned out for this collaborative community event.  Not the largest crowd ever, but 420 is the count according to Chris at the park.  Thank you so much for your support!  The raffle brought in over $1,300 before expenses, so the Tyson Church Community Fund has been replenished and we can continue to provide assistance when needs arise within our area.  I haven’t been told the totals for Emergency Services (BBQ) or Tyson Ladies Aid (strawberry shortcake).

From what I have heard from one of the Day Campers at Bethany Birches this week (my grandson and his friends) it was a great success.  Please note that Sage Allen, a member and co-captain of the Black River Rock Climbing team will be competing in the nationals 7/14-19.  Her hard work has really paid off – wishing her well!

I noticed 2 Plymouth students whose name I recognize on the 4th quarter honor roll from WUHS.  Congrats to Anna Hepler for her 9th grade Summa Cum Laude standing and Julia Kowalski  for her 9th grade Magna Cum Laude standing.  I do not know the names of all of our students from Plymouth, especially those who have recently moved to town.  Please be sure to send me information about their accomplishments – we want to celebrate with them!  Grace Vosburgh was the recipient of the Tyson Ladies Aid scholarship from WUHS this year.

Farm and Wilderness is grateful to the Town of Plymouth for approving the re-routing of Farm and Wilderness Road, the main entrance to the office and camps. The grand opening of the road was celebrated on Friday with a ribbon cutting ceremony, including a procession led by Executive Director, Rebecca Geary and Nellie the goat.  Ralph Michael designed the road, which will greatly improve safety for the campers.

Village Harmony Bandcamp will be singing on Wednesday, June 29 at the Shrewsbury Town Hall and Thursday, June 30 at the Rochester Community Center, both at 7:30pm.   Based in Vermont, Village Harmony is dedicated to the study and performance of traditional polyphonic singing and sponsors an extensive program of traveling singing camps for teenagers and adults across the globe. Each group meets for a week-long rehearsal retreat before going on the road for a concert tour.   Village Harmony has been a place where teenagers who don’t follow the beaten path have been able to come together and experience the sheer power of making music as a community with their peers.

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