Spring showers, summer planning and take out options ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission of The Vermont Standard


Well, as I am writing this on Monday, spring showers are definitely falling! The weather doesn’t seem to know where it wants to settle – warm and sunny, cold and blustery and any place in between. What a blessing to be able to easily get outdoors, walk and watch spring emerging. Nice to see (from a distance) neighbors emerging, as well.

There is so much uncertainty about the future, but it was delightful to see the video put together by Bethany Birches Camp for Easter. It was a cheerful reminder of the fun that takes place in our town during the summer. It also gave a lovely Easter message. If you would like to experience the energy and camaraderie, you may do so in one of two ways. On Youtube: https://youtu.be/3DjfgqD6I9c or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=933852223751819.

According to Brandon, they are working toward summer camp this year by hiring staff, making preparations, etc. but they are cognizant that the fact it is all dependent upon what will be safe and allowed. Things are moving forward, he said, “whether that is exclusively virtual, small group camping, or more typical large group camping, we will give precedence to those who signed up and deposited first. Our goal is to serve local families!”

At the moment, they are posting nature crafts that are easy to do at home and regular programs on Friday’s at Noon on their Facebook page and Youtube channel (bethanybirches) plus hosting a Wednesday evening fireside singalong (Zoom meeting). You can email camp@bethanybirches.org for the link to those Zoom calls.

Just to update folks, Tyson Store (802-228-2284) remains open. You may call ahead for items to be picked up curbside or go instead to shop. There is no toilet paper or hand sanitizer, but many other items are available according to Tina. Make sure to grab one of their terrific sandwiches while you are there!

Neal’s Restaurant in Proctorsville is offering meals-to-go every day of the week. They are open from 3 until 7 and you can check the Facebook page to see the menu or simply call 802-226-7251. Neal has adjusted the menu for simple meals and he is also offering the Feed a Friend for Five program, where you can add an additional $5 to the cost of your order that will allow someone in need to obtain a meal for free. Call ahead to place your order and give your credit card number – no cash is accepted. Neal is preparing Meals on Wheels on the weekends, that are delivered by the regular volunteers that assist with the mid-week program. Golden Stage Inn and Big Eyes Bakery are donating cookies for the program.

Please note that the Woodstock Area Relief Fund COVID-19 is up and running and includes Plymouth residents. The information is included below. It is indeed wonderful to see the way so many people are coming together to use their talents and means to help one another.

People are still on the move as noted with these property transfers:

820 Rte 100 A $148,000 Todd and Robin Bebo to Casey and Kristi Farrell

43 Goshawk Dr $284,630 Faustino Cortina to Patrick and Jennifer Dwyer

83 SALT ASH ROAD $217,500 Stephen Wogen to Evan and Jennalise Eiswerth

May the emergence of spring brighten your day

And the source of this virus stay away

May loved ones call if only to say

That they care and send greetings to bless your day

Woodstock Area Relief Fund Handout

Woodstock Area Relief Fund Poster

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