Plymouthwide Community Christmas Candlelight Service this Sunday

This coming Sunday, December 23, the Tyson Congregational Church will hold its Christmas Candlelight Service at 5:30 pm. The service last about an hour, and will center around Christmas Carols and Music. All are welcome.
There will be no morning church service on December 23. Regular morning service will resume on December 30 at 10:30 a.m.
Tyson Congregational Church is located at the corner of Rte 100 and Dublin Rd, opposite the Echo Lake Inn. Church attenders may use the Inn’s parking lot, adjacent to the church.
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Annual Plymouth Memory Tree Lighting Ceremony — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard


Well, this past week’s snow storm turned out to be much bigger than I anticipated. I don’t recall much hype beforehand, but perhaps I missed it! We were fortunate to have power back very quickly, so by the time we came home on Tuesday evening, our house was cozy and warm. Thanks to Justine for caring for our cat and filling the bird feeder, plus doing some shoveling. We greatly appreciated Mark Savery’s help in plowing the driveway twice!

The devastation in the area was dramatic with damage to the small Town plow truck, the demise of a Sheriff’s cruiser, many downed trees and wires, just to note a few mishaps. I think the everyone in town has power back now (Friday), but many lost freezer contents during the outage.

This seems like the perfect opportunity to mention the Plymouth Memory Tree Fund. This is the time of year that fundraising letters are sent out. The Fund is available to help town folk with financial needs. There are times when almost everyone has an unanticipated expense, so it is wonderful to know that this resource is available. Please consider giving.

In addition, the Plymouth Memory Tree is hosting a holiday gathering on Sunday, 12/9 at the Community Center from 3-4 PM, followed by the lighting of the tree. Refreshments will be served. The Schoolhouse playroom will be open for kids to play and for families to learn more about the Schoolhouse program. Names of those to be remembered will be read at the 4 PM Tree Lighting Ceremony.

A couple of weeks ago there was a lovely birthday party for Lonnie Ennis. It was held in the Community Room of Tyson Church and included all 4 of her children and her grandchildren, plus several neighbors and friends as well. Her granddaughter, Teresa, a master pastry chef, made a lovely carrot cake for the occasion!

Here are the latest property transfers:

1.   588 Hawk Spur Rd.          $625,000      David and Linda Zackin to James and Olivia Engel

2.  40 East Ash Rd.               $650,000      Robert Biaggi to Steve and Albana Marku

3.  1802 Route 100 A            $245,000      Joan Burke to Paul Burns

  515 Round Top Rd.           $87,500      Edith McClure to Scott and Fatima Westlund

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December events at The Plymouth Community Center

The Plymouth Memory Tree will be lit again on Sunday December 9th at 4pm, next to the Plymouth Community Center. Prior to the lighting, there will be a Community Holiday gathering at the Community Center starting at 3pm in the Activity room. Cookies, juice, coffee and tea will be served. The Plymouth Schoolhouse childcare will be open for children to play and for families to learn about the program.


Santa’s Helper Sunday Childcare @ The Plymouth Schoolhouse

Sunday December 16, 2018 from 10:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Leave the kids to sled and play with friends while you get some time to shop, gift wrap and clean before the Holidays are here! Please pack a lunch and snow clothes as we will be enjoying the winter wonderland. 5 hours of childcare, $25 per child. Ages 3 and above. Contact Lauren to RSVP at 802 855 7566 or

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Preview of the President Coolidge Christmas Holiday Events — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard


Hoping that the time with family and friends over the Holiday, kept you warm despite the bitterly cold temperatures. Today, Friday, was wonderfully bright with the sunshine, sparkling snow, and amazing blue sky. I hate to admit it, but I enjoyed it mostly from indoors!

Come participate in the Plymouth Reading Group discussion of Pachinko by Min Jin Lee at the Plymouth Community Center on Thursday, 11/29. Always good for learning new information and having some laughs. Join us!

Get ready for all of the special happenings at the President Calvin Coolidge Holiday Open House on 12/1 from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Decorations will reflect the era of Calvin Coolidge’s birth (1872). Learn how to make lovely paper ornaments and paper-quilled snowflakes, as well as a paper lantern or little diary. Storyteller Willem Lange will be on hand to read “Favor Johnson” at 11:00.

Enjoy holiday organ and piano music performed throughout the day by Steve Morse of Montpelier. Take part in sleigh rides, caroling in the church at 1:30, craft demonstrations, wreath-making with sales benefitting the Coolidge Historic Site’s garden fund – all of which will provide fun for all different ages. You can even decorate your own chocolate Christmas tree with The Chocolatorium.

Be prepared for a luscious sampling of soups, chili and pastries at Wilder House, provided by Tyson Ladies Aid from 10:00 AM until 2:30 PM. Also, remember the special Plymouth cancellation from the Post Office. It should be wonderful day!

More properties in town are changing hands, so here is the latest listing:

1) 509 Chapman Rd. $340,000 Michael Cusack to Keith and Michelle Murphy

2) off Lynds Hill Rd. $105,000 John Petropoulos and Lynn Spadone to Beth Brown

3) 107 Blueberry Ledge Ridge # 46 $71,000 Keith Holden and Emilia Skupiewska

     to William Allen

4) 905 Crown Point Rd. $144,000 David and Jaye O’Leary to James Maler and

    Patricia Kozlowski

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The Tyson Ladies Aid teams up with the Coolidge Holiday Open House

Don’t Miss the Tyson Ladies Aid Annual Christmas Holiday Food Fundraiser, in Wilder House, at the Coolidge Homestead! December 1.

With the holiday season upon us what better way to start or continue a great holiday experience than to enjoy the many fun activities at the Coolidge Open House and enjoy the best soups, chili’s, pies and goodies that the Tyson Ladies Aid provide annually at the Wilder House at the Coolidge site. Choose from a tasty and hearty array of soups, chili’s, pies and many other delights. Sit by the warm open hearth fire, enjoy family and friends, make new friends and watch as the horse drawn sleigh goes by with its load of happy visitors experiencing the pleasures of this fun experience!

The money raised by the Tyson Ladies Aid at this event goes to support local families in need, provide a scholarship for a graduating senior from both Black River High School and Woodstock High School and support the historic Tyson Library. On top of helping us support your community you’ll also experience a wonderful culinary experience provided by the home made goodness of the Ladies.

The Wilder House will be open from 10:00 to 2:30 on December 1st. Stop by, say hi to us, enjoy the warmth and camaraderie AND tasty goodness that the Tyson Ladies Aid has to offer. For further information, call Narda DeGioia at 484-7859.

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First Snow — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard


Writing on Friday morning as the snow is gently falling. I think we have received about 8 inches in Tyson so far, but I gather it is supposed to pick up again later. It was the last snowfall, however, that allowed Bruno to make his first snowman of the season. Thanks to Karen Evans for sending the picture.  I haven’t been outside yet to see if this is good packing snow, but there certainly is a lot more to work with!

Thanks to the many people who assisted and attended the Community Luncheon on Thursday. Several member of Tyson Ladies Aid prepared food and lent a hand, as well as other community members and teens from Windsor Youth Services. It was a bit hectic with 40+ people, but the conversation was lively and everyone seemed to have fun! It was nice to see some new folks in attendance. It had been my intention to take pictures, but alas, that didn’t happen.

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving with a short poem I wrote years ago.

Although the days may hint of snow,

There still are wonders God bestows.

The harvest’s in ~ the gardens cleared,

But winter is not to be feared,

It is a time for us to rest

And to recall how we are blessed.

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Community Thanksgiving Dinner! — Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted by permission of The Vermont Standard

Members of the Town of Plymouth and the Tyson Congregational Church are teaming up to offer a community Thanksgiving dinner. You are invited!


Well, I don’t seem to have much news this week, although there are probably many things of which I am unaware! I do want to make sure folks know that the Community Luncheon, which will be a turkey dinner, is taking place on Thursday, 11/15 downstairs at Tyson Church. All are welcome.

In light of the approaching holiday of Thanksgiving, I thought I would mention something for which I am grateful. A seven year old boy was just presented with an award at school for his kindness. Mentioned was the fact that he plays so well with others – encouraging even those with whom he is not friends to join in. He is kind accepting others and cheerfully includes them. It seems like he sees others with his heart. I am working to perceive the world and all those in it that way myself!

Advance information. There will be much happening at the Notch [President Coolidge Homestead] on 12/1, so mark your calendar. I will have more details about all the activities in the future, but please know that Tyson Ladies Aid will be at Wilder House that day with luscious soups and pastries. Plan to be there, too!

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