New farm stand on Lynds Hill & recent property transfers~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission of The Vermont Standard



It was nice not to have to water the plants the other day, but it did rain hard and I guess many people were impacted.  Today (Monday) is heating up, so Melissa, my grandsons & I are heading to Camp Plymouth State Park to cool off with a swim.


I notice that my fall phlox is beginning to bloom, which is an unwelcome signal that summer is starting to wane.  It has been a gift to be able to visit with people out on the deck these past several months and still maintain social distancing.  I believe our COVID-19 numbers are the lowest in the country, which is another plus.


I recently learned that Rebecca Ruplin has a farm stand where you can purchase fresh organic produce, eggs, preserves, and herbal products.  She lives at 2185 Lynds Hill Road, on the left just before you reach Bethany Birches Camp.  I am looking forward to going up there myself!


I just discovered that my aloe plant seems to be melting near the bottom.  It is an oozing mess!  I know it has needed to be divided and transplanted for quite some time.  Wondering if that is why it has become weepy.  Anyone have any thoughts on that?


More property transfers:
165 Upper Round Top Rd EXT.       $115,000        Estate of Gordon Pettit to Eric Gates

856 Dam Rd 2.1 Acres        $62,000      Thomas Fenn to Charles Duffy & Marta Flanagan

342 East Ash Rd        $220,000       Antonia & Jennifer Masone to William and Emily Ulrick

2150 Hale Hollow Rd        $850,000       Timothy and June Reilly to MPR, LLC

 Rte 100 Parcel ‘A’, 5.01acres          $55,000       Ralph,Judith, & Jeremy Michael to Russ and Jillian Kikkert

64 Campground Rd         $125,050       Federal National Mortgage Assn to Debra D’Ottavio

894 East Ash Rd – Ledges 11     $110,000      David Daddona to Andre D’Alessandro

92 Scott Terrace          $312,500       Echo Lake Sanctuary LLC to Anthony Clement
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Board of Civil Authority Hearing-August 24

The Board of Civil Authority will hold a hearing on Monday, August 24, 2020 beginning at 5:30 at the Municipal Building in Plymouth. Find full details by clicking the link to the official notice above.

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Voting Guidelines 2020


Tuesday, August 11, 2020

10am to 7pm

Voting begins at 10AM at the Town Hall, on Tuesday August, 11, 2020. All voters will check in outside the front door before you can enter the Town Offices to vote. We will be permitting two voters at a time. There may be a brief delay when checking in, so you may need to stand in line for a bit.

Please bring a pen or pencil with you to mark your ballot. We will have hand sanitizer available, so please use them if you would like.


After entering the building, please follow the markings on the floor to help you proceed in the correct direction.

Remember to wear a face mask- and practice social distancing of 6 feet between yourself and another voter. This is for YOUR protection…


Those wishing to vote, but are cautiously apprehensive, please know that we can send you an absentee ballot- BUT the ballot must be returned to our office by Monday August 10th to be counted. Just call the Town Clerk at 802 672 3655. If you have a fever, have tested for COVID-19, or have other symptoms, please request an absentee ballot.. do not come to the Town Hall to vote for the safety of others.



Voting Guidelines 8.11.20 2


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Last Call for Tom Marrone by Plymouth Volunteer Fire Department and upcoming VT primary elections~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard


As they say, what a difference a week makes….  There is not much news around town, but I do want to take this opportunity to thank folks for their gracious kindnesses.  So many have reached out to Melissa and me and made us feel surrounded by love.  Thank you one and all.

Although only immediate family took part in the graveside service for Tom, please feel free to stop by his grave if you are so inclined.  It is a lovely view and the stone he chose for his mom is already in place up top and to the left on the hill.  I want to thank the Plymouth Volunteer Fire Department members for honoring Tom with a last call.  It meant a great deal to us.
A number of people have been relating amazing stories about creatures relaying encouraging messages from loved ones who have departed.  So far I have heard about a raccoon, a butterfly, a fox, and an eagle.  During the Bethany Mennonite Zoom church on Sunday, a rather large hummingbird perched on a branch outside my dining room window.  He sat there for almost an hour and even let me draw close to take his picture!
I just want to remind folks that VT primary elections will take place on Tuesday, 8/11.  Voting by absentee ballot is certainly an option, but there will be staggered voting, wearing masks in the Town Building and an outside alternative, too.



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Tom Marrone’s Obituary

Thomas L. Marrone, 77, passed away unexpectedly in the peaceful waters of Echo Lake on 7/27/20, while on an outing with his wife, Margo, and grandsons.

He was born in Bethpage, NY to Thomas D and Marian (Maggi) Marrone on 6/6/43. In his teens they moved to Armonk, NY and he graduated from Pleasantville High School, then received his Bachelors degree in Marketing from Bridgeport University.  Tom was part of the Air National Guard in White Plains, NY.   He worked in sales for various companies in NY and later in VT and NH.  He was employed at Green Mountain Industries (later Rutland Industries), which enabled the 1978 move to the ski house he built in his beloved VT.


He was a member of the Green Mountain Fly Tyers, led the initial recycling effort in Plymouth, enjoyed coaching boys tennis at Woodstock Union High School, and was a long-time member of the Plymouth Volunteer Fire Department.  He loved driving fellow American Legion members in the Woodstock Memorial Day parades. He took great pride in his family and loved to have family and friends help with making maple syrup each year.  Laid back, fun-loving and kind, he accepted others easily and had many wonderful friendships that he cherished.


In light of COVID-19, Gwen Groff led a small graveside service for immediate family on 7/31, including a last call salute by the Plymouth Fire Dept.  As his church family, the congregation of Bethany Mennonite Church provided flowers and beautiful music.


Surviving are his wife of nearly 46 years, daughter and son-in-law, Melissa and Chris Perrino, and grandsons, Owen and Landon, and several beloved cousins.


There have been so many expressions of affection and warm memories shared, that have been a wonderful tribute and great comfort.


In lieu of flowers contributions can be made to the Black River Independent School ( for bettering local educational opportunities for children or to Lucy Mackenzie Humane Society, P.O. Box 702 Brownsville, VT 05037, on whose board he served for many years.


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Passing of Tom Marrone

I know that some of you are already aware that Tom died in Echo Lake on Monday afternoon.  We assume it was his heart & that he simply slid under the water unnoticed.  His countenance was peaceful.

We have not made arrangements, but anticipate a small, immediate family graveside time.  We do not want to put anyone is harm’s way.  We would appreciate hearing funny stories about Tom – fond memories, so please send some to me.  I regret I cannot respond to all the emails & texts at this point, but we (Melissa, Chris, & I) appreciate your thoughts & prayers.

Peace, Margo

Email me at:

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Canopy walk at VINS, Brown Bag Concert Series and Zoom Book Club meetings! ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with permission from The Vermont Standard

Warm weather has visited our area again (actually, not sure it ever left us!), so dips in the lake have been a terrific way to cool off.  Milfoil has apparently been an issue with Lake Pauline and Lake Rescue needing remediation efforts, although I haven’t heard about this problem in our lakes in Plymouth.


Some rain has helped the parched landscape, too.  I didn’t think the storm on 7/23 provided more than a heavy downpour, but I guess I was wrong.  Those of us with TDS telephone service were effected from 8 PM that evening until nearly 5 PM on Friday.  I thought the internet would be out as well, but happily that wasn’t the case.


I have no idea how many hummingbirds have taken up residence at our house, but keeping the feeders full has become quite a challenge.  I was sitting on the deck where the small old-fashioned feeder is located.  Not only were the hummers bickering with each other, but bees kept vying at the feeder, too.  Long ago I lost that tiny red end piece that would prevent them from drinking.  Most hummingbirds showed respect for these insistent insects and often waited on the railing for their turn.  Every once in a while a more aggressive bird would challenge the tiny intruder and they would partake in a dance of darting after one another.  Reminds me of some human interactions!


I found this enchanting quote called Ultrasonic love in National Geographic: “Other birds can’t hear the love songs of the Ecuadorian hillstar hummingbirds. When the male chirps—inflating his throat, causing iridescent throat feathers to glisten princely purple—only birds of his kind can hear, AP’s Christina Larson reports. That’s because the mating call is at 13.4 kilohertz. That’s considered “ultrasonic” for birds, which generally can’t hear above nine or 10 kilohertz. Why so high-pitched? So that the sound of love can conquer a background soundscape of mountain winds, streams, and the songs of other birds, one researcher says.”


I have been hearing good things about the newest level added to the canopy walk at VINS, which might mean it is time to check out!  Also, if you are itching to get out and hear some live music, concerts are scheduled for the Brown Bag Concert Series on Fridays canopy walk at VINS at 5:30 PM on the Woodstock History Center Back Lawn (food and wine on sale courtesy of Bentleys Restaurant) and 6 PM on Wednesday evenings on Svec Memorial Green in Proctorsville (food orders available from Murdocks and Outer Limits Brewery)


We had our Zoom Book Club meeting the other night and discussed Dirt, which apparently was entertaining with stories about the adventures of Bill Bufford’s learning French cooking.  I admit that I did not read it….  The book for 8/20 is The Secret of Priest’s Grotto: A Holocaust Survival Story by Peter Lane Taylor and Christos Nicola.  This is a quote from one reviewer:  “The layout of this book is unique and superb — it includes both contemporary color photos and historic b/w photos of the families involved in the hiding from the Germans, as well as location photos, and artifacts.  The narrative is just detailed enough to hold interest but not get bogged down.”


Congratulations to Schuyler Hagge for having her picture chosen for the VT Standard photo contest!  I agree that here in VT with its beautiful vistas, a sense of calm and hope prevails.  Thoughts on a bike ride this week:  After a stormy night, the sunshine emerges and dances upon the dewdrops spread across the leaves. Some are red, others blue and a few green. Hope surges as beauty penetrates my heart and I say thank you, Lord


Sky after the storm
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Windy, hot weather and a poem! ~ Margo’s Plymouth Report

Reprinted with the permission of The Vermont Standard



I guess I need to start by admitting that I really have nothing to report this week!  A couple of early morning bike rides have been nice.  The rains came and watered the gardens a bit.  Many folks seem to be vacationing in VT and enjoying the beauty of our area.


Although I did not go near our delightful lakes in Plymouth, I understand from friends that Camp Plymouth State Park drew a large crowd this past weekend.  Also, it was quite windy, causing waves in the water even without many power boats in evidence.  I am told that many people were on the water with paddle boards and kayaks, though.


According to Ranger Chris, Sustainable Eats has a food truck there from 11 AM – 3PM on Tuesday and Wednesday, as well as Friday through Sunday.  Also the playground is open now!


Those of us who are local could easily lament the sustained hot temperatures and humidity, although most often things cool down at night.  So without further ado, here is a ditty…


Summer 2020
Steamy, dreamy days.
So, is that fog or haze?
Here come the suns bright rays.
Ah, setting the sky ablaze.
Now, when the temps do rise,
Begging us to be more wise,
Hydrate if you exercise,
So you don’t de-stabilize.
Yes, enjoy the lovely breeze.
Seek the shade beneath the trees.
Summer’s here, everyone agrees –
These are facts not hypotheses!
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Tours at Historic Site, Food truck at Camp Plymouth State Park, & Dinner at The Inn at Water’s Edge! ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with the permission of The Vermont Standard




Although “Fay” made it all the way to VT, we were fortunate compared to other areas where wind and rain caused considerable damage.  We surely needed the rain.  Not only was vegetation looking a bit refreshed, but the birds seemed to be singing happily, too.  It was nice not having to water the garden, but I do know that utility workers were kept pretty busy.


I just confirmed with Bill Jenney that tours are being conducted at the Historic Site and they take place on the hour.  Although not everything is open, it is still a lovely place walk and to feel the history that was lived there. You can also check out the latest exhibit:  The Roaring Twenties: Fashions, Fads, and All That Jazz.  Please note they are closed on Mondays.


Tom was at Camp Plymouth State Park on Saturday and said there was a large food truck over near the area that formerly had handicapped tables.  I don’t know the details, but apparently you can obtain refreshments now.  Masks will probably be needed to interact with these providers, as is the case with park personnel.  Don’t forget to bring your own chairs because there are no picnic tables at this point.


I understand that the Inn At Water’s Edge will be offering a prix-fixe dinner on Tuesday, 7/21. It will be a 4 course meal for $50, but you will need to make a reservation since the seating is limited to 16 people.  You may call (802) 265-0920 for more information or go to  Depending upon its success, more Tuesday offerings may be forthcoming!


Lauren Skaskiw is currently offering licensed childcare at The Plymouth Schoolhouse, (the former Plymouth Elementary School).  With only 4 slots and 9 youngsters on a rotating basis, she is full at the moment, but I thought it might be fun for folks to hear about the delightful things that are going on there.  Puzzles and bubbles are always a favorite activity, but watermelon in the shade, story time, and sensory sand play are also ways that the youngsters learn and grow together.  Things are running a bit different with precautions taken due to the Virus (no visitors allowed, adults wear masks at drop off and pick up, extra cleaning) but she says it is worth the extra work to have the children spending time together!


Thanks, Lauren for tending to some of our youngest residents!


Pictures are Liam Holland and Kes Hanrahan chasing bubbles, and Liam Harootunian enjoying the shade.

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Fishing, 4th of July celebrations, lost hikers, upcoming Tyson Ladies Aid picnic, & curbside service for Plymouth Cheese! ~ Margo’s Plymouth report

Reprinted with the permission of The Vermont Standard


Well, the holiday weekend has come and gone – a very different one for most of us.  Cars were streaming into Ludlow on Friday afternoon and I don’t believe I have ever seen so many boats on Echo Lake.  We watched one man fishing, sitting in a chair on a round 5 foot diameter “boat”.  He was catching and releasing.  He headed over to Camp Plymouth State Park and after emptying his craft, he simply rolled it away!

There were a couple of professional pyrotechnics by a few towns, but also many backyard fireworks were being set off far into the night.  Beautiful as these displays are, I always feel sorry for the animals – domestic and wild.  I think some people opted to watch them on TV instead.

We had a bit of excitement in Tyson Sunday evening when 2 hikers became lost trying to go from Dublin Rd up to Tiny Pond.  I don’t know all the details, but apparently they were wandering for 5 hours without water or proper shoes.  Many thanks to Angela who responded for Plymouth Emergency Services. I believe others may have accompanied her and after dealing with two bouts of heavy rain and near darkness, the couple was located.  They all exited the woods in Mt Holly and the Ludlow ambulance checked them out.  Lessons to be learned:  don’t wander into unknown territory ill-prepared…..

Tyson Ladies Aid will have the Annual Picnic this Thursday at the Pingree’s on Pingree Flats.  Tyson Library is opening 7/7, operating 10 AM to noon Tuesday through Saturday.  Masked are required and only one person or family group may enter at a time.  TLA gave two $1500 scholarships this year to Eve Cole (WUHS) and Sara Swartz (BRHS)

As with most things these days, there are some changes at the Historic Site.  Many things, including the church are closed, but the Museum & Education Center (where the new Roaring Twenties exhibit is located), main levels of the two barns, and Coolidge Homestead are open.  The cheese factory has curbside service.

Although storms seem to be cycling in and out, if you can, take a refreshing dip in one of our lovely lakes.  We live in such a beautiful spot!



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